How to manage Quiet notification requests feature in Edge Chromium

July 24, 2020

Compared to other marketing mediums (emails and SMSs), browser push notifications appear more effective to interact with the audience. It readily captures users’ attention, but it can be bothersome too, especially when there’s a barrage of unwanted notifications. To overcome this discomfort, browsers like Edge support a new capability called Quiet notification requests. Here’s how you can manage Quiet notification requests in the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

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Why manage quiet notification requests in Edge Chromium browser?

Internet users typically get annoyed when they keep on receiving unwanted notifications from a given site, or when the prompt appears instantly upon visiting the site. Nevertheless, the Quiet Notification Request feature helps you put a full stop to this behavior.


Beginning with Microsoft Edge 84, Microsoft supports this new notification request experience. It is enabled by default for all Microsoft Edge users.

When site notification requests are made via the Notifications or Push APIs to try to appear under the browser window, they are flagged instantly.

quiet notification icon
Quiet Notifications Icon

A bell icon with a cross marked in red flashes and displays the ‘Notifications blocked’ message in the address bar, as opposed to the typical full flyout prompt. Thus, it helps in reducing the prominence of notification requests and stay focused on the task, at hand.

Notifications blocked
Notifications blocked

Having said that, the browser continues to keep the request at a noticeable location in the User Interface. So, if required, the user can subscribe to notifications by simply clicking the ‘Notifications blocked’ bell icon and accept the request.

Likewise, to manage notifications for a site, users can click the ‘Manage’ button and then take the desired action.

If they would like to completely turn off ‘Quiet notification requests’ feature, they must simply open Edge setting at

Quiet Notifications Toggle
Quiet Notifications Toggle

Then, toggle the switch for Quiet notification request to ‘Off’ position.

This will prevent notification requests from interrupting you.

Microsoft chose to introduce the feature owing to high volumes of user feedback around unwanted notification subscriptions. Also, see how to How to start playing Edge Surf Game in Microsoft Edge browser

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