How to make all Apple Watch Home Screen icons appear same in size

The app icons on Apple Watch Home Screen can be viewed in 2 modes,

  • Grid View
  • List View

In Grid View, the icons around the borders or the edges of the Watch appear quite small in comparison to inner icons. This arrangement looks awful. Fortunately, these default settings can be changed and customized to suit one’s preferences. Apple Watch enables its users to make all Apple Watch Home Screen icons appear same in size. Here’s how it can be done!

Make all Apple Watch Home Screen icons appear same in size

By adjusting the Reduce Motion option in the Apple Watch preferences, you can get the desired results i.e., make all app icons on your Apple Watch Home screen of same size. For this,

  1. Activate Reduce Motion on Apple Watch.
  2. Access Settings on your Apple Watch.
  3. Choose Accessibility.
  4. Select Reduce Motion to enable it.
  5. Activate Reduce Motion on iPhone.
  6. Choose Apple Watch icon.
  7. Scroll down to Accessibility.
  8. Choose Motion setting.
  9. Turn on Reduce Motion option.

A good feature about enabling the ‘Reduce Motion’ setting is that in addition to making all the icons appear same in size, it will improve the Apple Watch’s battery life, since it limits the animation of User Interface.

1] Activate Reduce Motion on Apple Watch

Unlock your Apple Watch

Go to ‘Settings’.

Under Settings, scroll down to ‘Accessibility’ section.

Expand ‘Accessibility’ section by gently tapping on the setting and choose ‘Reduce motion’ option therein.

Return back to Apple Watch Home Screen. You should find all the app icons of Apple Watch Home Screen appearing in same size.

2] Activate Reduce Motion on iPhone

On your iPhone, tap Apple Watch icon and go to ‘Settings’.

Under ‘Settings’ choose ‘Accessibility’.

Then, move to ‘Motion’ setting.

Under ‘Motion’ setting, select ‘Reduction Motion’ option and tap the option to enable it.

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