How to leave a group on Facebook permanently

August 17, 2020

There are only a few Facebook groups where you really connect and engage with its members. In other groups, you may do little to no activity. Why? Since your friends may have unknowingly added you to a group that they themselves are a member of. While you can’t stop them from adding, you can certainly remove yourself from the group. Here’s how to leave a group on Facebook permanently.

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How to leave a group on Facebook?

There are multiple ways to exit a group on Facebook. You can leave a group on Facebook via the following.

  1. Leaving the Facebook group via web account.
  2. Exit via Facebook Mobile app.
  3. Remove the group from the Messenger account.

Note - when you choose to leave a group on Facebook permanently, you are automatically removed from the member list and the group is removed from your list of groups. Plus, group notifications are no more visible to you in your Facebook News Feed posts. If you do not mind this change, follow these instructions to find how to leave a Facebook group.

Leaving the Facebook Group via a web account

Leave Facebook Group
Leave Facebook Group

Log into your Facebook account via the web on a Desktop or a PC.

Click the Groups tab to open the side panel.

Choose a group you've joined or managing temporarily.

Hit the Joined drop-down menu as shown in the image above and from the list of options displayed, select the Leave group option.

Exit via Facebook Mobile App

Mobile App facebook
Mobile App Facebook

Launch the Facebook mobile app for iOS.


Tap the Groups icon visible at the bottom of the app screen.

Select a group you are managing or you joined sometime back.

Hit the Manage or Joined button.

When directed to a new screen, scroll to the bottom and tap the Leave Group button.

Remove the group from the Messenger account

Leave Messenger Group
Leave Messenger Group

Open the Facebook Messenger app and tap your profile picture.

Find the Message Requests entry and when found, tap it.

select a comment group. Then, scroll down to locate the Leave button. When found, tap it to exit the group.

If I leave a group on Facebook will the admin know?

No! when you do leave a group, no one else is notified that you have exited the group. Instead, your display pic or profile pic won't show up as a group member anymore and you will be stopped from receiving any new notifications from the group.

Hope it makes sense!


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