Hide comments on Instagram from some followers

August 14, 2020

The photo-sharing service, Instagram runs a feature that allows you to moderate comments. So, if you are looking to use Instagram in some of the best ways possible, read our post on how to hide comments on Instagram from certain followers. We are sure, this tip will level up your Insta game!

Hide Comments on Instagram

How to hide comments on Instagram?

Comments that you find inappropriate, offensive, or bullying are automatically filtered out from your posts, Instagram Stories, and live videos but you can always fine-tune this setting. For example, some controls can be put in place to keep your Instagram account public, yet more protected. As a user, you can filter out comments you don't want to appear for your posts. You need not turn off comments on Instagram completely!

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Choose the Menu.
  3. Select the Settings option.
  4. Navigate to Privacy.
  5. Expand Hidden words menu.
  6. Enable Hide Comments.
  7. Toggle the Hide Message Requests to On position.
  8. Scroll down to the Comments section.
  9. Go to Add to List heading.
  10. Add words, phrases, or emoji to filter out the comments.

Let's cover the above steps in a bit of detail!

How do you hide comments on Instagram?

Launch the Instagram app on your iOS or Android phone and go to your Profile.

Choose the Menu, visible as 3 horizontal bars in the upper-right corner of your mobile screen.

Instagram Setting Icon
Instagram Setting Icon

Select Settings from the list of options displayed therein.

Instagram Privacy
Instagram Privacy

Then, navigate to the Privacy section.

Hidden Words
Hidden Words

Under, Interactions heading, expand the Hidden words menu.

Hide Offensive Content
Hide Offensive Content

Make sure, the Hide Comments toggle under the Hide Offensive Content is enabled.

If you would like to create a list of words, phrases, and emojis you don't want to appear in comments or message requests, tap the Add to list heading under Manage Custom Word List to create a new list. The custom keyword list, on the other hand, allows you to go a step further and choose certain words that you don’t want to see in the comments on your posts.

Add Phrases Words
Add Phrases Words

Enter words separated by commas and hit the Add button.

Similarly, when you enable the Hide Message Requests option, message requests containing words from your list will be moved to the hidden requests folder. Instagram will also filter notifications for these messages.

Hope that makes sense!


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