AppleCare Protection Plan

How to get AppleCare Protection plan for your new iPhone

Whenever you purchase an iPhone, it comes with a one-year limited warranty and 90 days of complimentary technical support. If interested, you can extend your coverage to 2 years from the buying date of your iPhone via AppleCare Protection Plan. Read this post to know how to get it for your iPhone.

Activate AppleCare Protection plan for your new iPhone

With AppleCare Protection Plan, the buyer gets one-stop service and support from Apple experts. In addition, they can receive convenient repair coverage his iPhone through service options.

You can choose to buy AppleCare+ for your iPhone

  1. Via your iPhone
  2. Via Online
  3. By visiting nearest Apple Store
  4. By calling 800-275-2273

We’ll cover each method in detail below!

1] Get the plan via your iPhone

Unlock your iPhone and go to its ‘Settings’.

Tap ‘General’ and then, choose ‘About’ option.

AppleCare+ Coverage
AppleCare+ Coverage

Next, tap AppleCare+ Coverage Available and follow the onscreen instructions to choose and buy AppleCare+.

You can also avail of other options like, Online buying or through Apple Store and calling.

2] Get the plan online

Visit this link . The online method requires you to verify your serial number and run a remote diagnostic. It also requires you to provide your contact information. Apple takes your privacy seriously so don’t worry about any misuse of your personal information.

Call Apple Care
Call Apple Care

So, visit this link and Enter your First name, Last name and Email address. Thereafter, when Apple already has the details you provided, contact them

3] Get the plan by visiting nearest Apple Store

All it requires is the proof of purchase alongside, some physical inspection.

3] Get the plan by calling 800-275-2273

Like above, this method too, requires you to run a remote diagnostic and provide proof of purchase.

These are some of the ways via which you can get AppleCare Protection Plan for your iPhone.

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