How to allow iCloud Folder Sharing from Apple Devices

March 26, 2020

iCloud folder sharing was one of the most requested features to be accommodated in iOS devices but for some reason, Apple refused to oblige to those requests. This time, however, the company has finally yielded. Yes, the capability to share iCloud Drive folder from iPhone and iPad has now been added in iOS 13.4 and upwards.

iCloud Drive Folder

How to enable iCloud folder sharing from iPhone and iPad

The ability to share iCloud Drive folders or iCloud folder sharing from iPhone and iPad brings iCloud at par with other cloud services like Dropbox, for now, at least.

  1. Open the Files folder on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select the Browse icon.
  3. Go to the Locations.
  4. Choose iCloud Drive.
  5. Touch and hold the folder you want to share.
  6. Select the Share option.
  7. Add People.
  8. Choose Share Options.
  9. Grant permissions and choose an invitation medium for sharing.

The sharing options automatically enable syncing across iDevices so that you have the required flexibility to control ‘access permissions’ from your iOS supporting devices.

How do I share files in iCloud?

Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.

Select the ‘Browse’ tab from the bottom of the Files screen and go to the ‘Locations’ section.

iCloud Drive Location
iCloud Drive Location

Under it, choose ‘iCloud Drive’. Then, touch and hold the folder you want to share.

iCloud Folder Share
iCloud Folder Share

Select the ‘Share’ option in the menu and tap ‘Add People’ from the share sheet.

Add People to folder
Add People to folder

Next up, you will notice the option to customize the sharing options as per your needs. Tap ‘Share Options’.

Who can access screen
Who can access screen

Here, customize ‘Who Can Access the Shared iCloud Folder’. You can either,

  • Allow “Only people you invite” to access the folder.
  • Allow “Anyone with the link” to access the shared folder.

Next, choose the desired option based on your needs.

Also, you can customize Shared iCloud Folder Permission. To do so, either,

  • Select ‘Can make changes’ to allow anyone to make changes to the shared folder.
  • Choose ‘View only’ to allow people to only view the document.

When done, go back to the sharing screen.

Finally, select the medium through which you would like to send the invitation. And then do the needful as usual.

Hope that makes sense!


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