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How to enable Facebook Profile Lock for your Facebook account

To give you more control over your social networking experience, Facebook rolled out a new security feature. It lets you control your privacy via a Lock function. The option isn’t available to everyone right now. It’s been rolled out in selected countries and for limited devices only. However, if you are still interested in testing it, we have a workaround for you. See how to enable Facebook Profile Lock for your account.

How to enable Facebook Profile Lock

To know how to lock Facebook profile or enable Facebook profile lock do the following.

  1. Visit the m.facebook.com website.
  2. Enter your email ID and password to log in.
  3. Go to your profile.
  4. Tap More options.
  5. Choose Lock your Profile option.
  6. Press the button again to confirm.
  7. Verify if the profile is locked.

If you notice the shield icon next to someone’s profile, it means that person has chosen to lock his profile and show a limited view of his profile content to people he is not friends with on Facebook. If the same feature is not available to you, take the following action.

Visit m.facebook.com on your mobile or your PC.

Enter the email ID and password to login.

Click on your profile picture to go to your Facebook Profile page.

Adjacent to it, you’ll find ‘More’ option (visible as 3 horizontal dots).

Tap the ‘More’ button and scroll down to find ‘Lock Profile’ option.

Enable Facebook Profile Lock
Enable Facebook Profile Lock

When seen, select the option.

Facebook Lock Profile Button
Facebook Lock Profile Button

You’ll be directed to a new page that explains what will happen when you lock your profile.

What happens when you lock Facebook profile?

When you lock the profile, only your friends will see,

  • Your full-size profile picture or cover photo.
  • Your Photos and posts on your timeline, Stories.
  • Any posts you had previously chosen to share with the Public will automatically change to ‘Friends’.

Also, Timeline review and tag review will be turned on.

Locked Profile
Locked Profile

People you don’t know or who aren’t friends with you will see a blue badge on your profile.

Locked profile notification
Locked profile notification

When you check your profile after locking it, you’ll see a blue badge as shown in the screenshot above. The procedure for how to lock Facebook Profile on Android remains more or less, the same.

Similarly, if you feel like making your Facebook Profile public again, you can undo this change. To unlock the Facebook profile, follow the same procedure as above but instead of ‘Lock Profile’ option, select, ‘Unlock’ option.

Unlock profile
Unlock profile

When you do so, you’ll see a cross marked against the profile lock option, indicating the Facebook Profile has been unlocked.

Remove Facebook Profile Lock
Remove Facebook Profile Lock

Facebook Profile lock available country list

Lock Facebook Profile iOS feature is now live and available to all the users worldwide.

Why Facebook profile lock is not available?

The Facebook profile picture lock system is not available on Facebook for iOS app/ Facebook for Android app or Facebook.com. To enable Facebook profile lock for your account, you’ll need to switch to the Facebook mobile website (m.facebook.com). Then follow the instructions given in the post above.

That answers you how to lock Facebook profile 2020 question. Have any more questions for us? Write them in the comments section below!

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