Enable disappearing messages on WhatsApp for iOS

November 2, 2020

WhatsApp has rolled out a new privacy-focused feature for its customers called Disappearing messages. The feature offers a more secure communication channel for its users. When configured, the messages sent or received in the conversation disappear after being seen or read. Jump in, if you are interested in knowing how to turn on disappearing messages on WhatsApp for iOS.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

How to enable disappearing messages on WhatsApp chat or group?

Disappearing messages on WhatsApp control all messages in the chat. So, it's available for both, individual chats as well as group conversations. Here’s how to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp!

  1. Launch WhatsApp for iOS.
  2. Open the WhatsApp chat.
  3. Choose a contact or a group name.
  4. Tap Disappearing Messages.
  5. If prompted, tap Continue.
  6. Select On.

Note - When a user fails to open WhatsApp during the seven-day period, the message will disappear, but its preview will still be visible under notifications.

How to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp?

Launch WhatsApp for iOS. Make sure, you are using the latest version of the app. If not, update the app.

Open a WhatsApp Chat and choose a WhatsApp contact or group of which you are the admin. For an individual chat, any user can turn disappearing messages on or off. In a group chat, only group admins can exercise this option.

Tap the name of the contact or group.

Disappearing Messages Toggle
Disappearing Messages Toggle

Scroll down to find the Disappearing Messages option.

Check Option
Check Option

When prompted, tap Continue and select ‘On’. Tap the option to select a time frame (5 seconds to 1 week).

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages On
WhatsApp Disappearing Messages On

The feature will now be active until you turn it Off. Hereafter, the messages you send in the group or to contact will disappear from the chat 7 days after they're sent.

So, the next time you find WhatsApp messages disappearing automatically, don’t be surprised!

What happens to media in disappearing messages?

Any media you receive in WhatsApp is automatically downloaded to your photos. However, when you have the disappearing messages setting enabled, the media sent in the chat will also disappear. In addition, you can turn auto-download off by going to Settings > Data and Storage Usage.

We recommend you try the disappearing messages feature with trusted individuals only. Since the recipient can forward or take a screenshot of a disappearing message and save it before it disappears.

Hope that makes sense!

For more information, visit WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions page.


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