How to enable call silencing on iPhone

February 10, 2021

iOS 13 and later versions of the software support a useful feature called Call Silencing. It helps users eliminate spam calls or robocalls and receive incoming calls only from numbers saved in your contacts. Getting started with this feature is easy. Follow the steps in the guide to enable call silencing on iPhone.

How to activate call silencing on iPhone without any app?

Spam and other unwanted calls have become a real nuisance. To get rid of it, iOS uses a smart technique (silence unknown callers iPhone). It silences the calls from unknown numbers. Calls that get silenced go straight to your voicemail and show up as missed calls in your recent calls list. If the caller is a genuine one, he/she can leave a voicemail for you to retrieve it the usual way. Here’s how to activate call silencing on iPhone.

  1. Unlock your iPhone.
  2. Go to your Recents list.
  3. Tap the unknown number.
  4. The Silence unwanted calls popup box should appear.
  5. Tap the Set Up Silencing link.
  6. You’ll be directed to a new screen.
  7. Tap Turn on Call Silencing button.
  8. You can also turn on silencing via Settings.
  9. Go to Settings.
  10. Scroll down to Phone.
  11. Select Silence Unknown Callers.
  12. Toggle the switch to On position.

The feature is set to off by default, and it’s done for a good reason. The setting doesn’t differentiate between spam calls and a genuine caller who isn’t on your contact list. So, if you forget you have Call Silencing turned on, you can easily give important calls a miss. However, if you’ve previously texted someone using their phone number or if a person has shared their phone number with you in an email, a phone call from that number will be exempted from silencing.


How to silence calls on iPhone?

To turn on call silencing, go to your contact list and tap the number to place a call. Cut the call. A Silence unwanted calls popup box should appear as shown in the image above.

Call Silencing on iPhone
Call Silencing on iPhone

Tap the Set Up Silencing link in the box.

Turn On Call Silencing
Turn On Call Silencing

In the next screen that appears, tap Turn on Call Silencing button.

You can also do the same via Settings. Simply head to Phone > Silence Unknown Callers > Enable the option.

How to unsilence calls on iPhone?

On your iPhone, go to Settings, scroll down to Phone section.

Silence Unknown Callers Toggle
Silence Unknown Callers Toggle

Under Phone settings move to Silence Unknown Callers.

Silence Unknown Callers
Silence Unknown Callers

Expand Silence Unknown Callers menu and enable the switch to turn off the feature.

That’s all there is to it!

Hope it makes sense.


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