How to enable Apple TV Color Balance settings

July 3, 2021

Ideally, setting up your new TV’s basic picture settings such as brightness, contrast, and sharpness may require the use of expensive meters or software to achieve best results. However, if you own an Apple TV and an iPhone with Face ID all you must do is turn on the Color Balance feature. Read on as we try to explain how to do color calibration for your Apple TV.

Adjust Color Balance Settings

Enable Apple TV Color Balance settings for a better viewing experience.

While most people, appear satisfied with the default settings of their television, some are hell-bent on spending time tweaking the picture settings to their preferred configuration. Apple TV Color Balance feature makes their job simple.

  1. Choose the Settings icon on your Apple TV Home Screen.
  2. Go to Video and audio tab.
  3. Choose a format other than Dolby Vision.
  4. Scroll down to Calibration section.
  5. Choose the Color Balance option.
  6. Adjust Color Balance using your iPhone.
  7. View the results.
  8. Switch to Use Balanced or Use Original view.

Developers claim, the Color Balance Apple TV feature using your iPhone's light sensor, compares the color balance to industry-standard specifications, and automatically adjusts your Apple TV's video output to deliver strikingly accurate colors and better contrast.

How to color balance Apple TV?

To enable color calibration for TV, select Settings from your Apple TV Home Screen.

Apple TV Video Audio Settings
Apple TV Video Audio Settings

Go to Video and Audio entry.

Under Format, make sure you are not using Dolby Vision.

Next, scroll down to Calibration section.

Color Balance Apple TV 4K
Color Balance Apple TV 4K

Under it, select the Color Balance option.


Now, to adjust Color Balance using your iPhone, turn your iPhone around so the front-facing camera is pointing at your television. Hold it centered inside the outline within one inch of the screen. Make sure the top edge of your iPhone is completely inside the outline.

Color Balance Complete Notification
Color Balance Complete Notification

Allow the setup to complete. Once finished, you’ll see a Color balance complete notification. Hit the View Results button.

Use Balanced
Use Balanced

Switch between the Use Balanced or Use Original view of the Apple TV Color Calibration app, as desired.

Apple TV Color Balance unable to measure?

If you find that you cannot access the Color Balance feature under Calibration settings or Color balance is unable to measure, check the Format under Video section of Video and Audio settings. If it is set to Dolby Vision, change it to a different format.

Final words - Apple's Color Balance marks an improvement over the default settings, though we also recommend choosing the correct picture mode for watching cable or satellite content.

Hope that makes sense!


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