How to enable Apple Music new release notifications in iOS

Apple Music offers unlimited access to millions of songs. Plus, you can discover new music that you’ll love, and listen to your music library across all your devices. A new capability added to it, allows you to find out when your favorite artists have something new to listen to in the Music app. Here’s how to turn it on?

Enable Apple Music new release notifications

Amid Corona virus outbreak, the Lock-down has been enforced worldwide, leaving people shut-in and relying on streaming content to kill the boredom. More and more people are turning to music apps like Apple Music to provide them with a more customized entertainment experience.

The tech giant seems to be aware of this and as such, has roped in a feature that notifies its users of new release music right in their Library.

the new releases notification appears at the top of the ‘Library’ tab in the Music app. So, when an artist you have in your Apple Music Library releases a new song or album, you’ll receive a notification banner at the top of the Library interface.

To enable these alerts, open the Music app on your iPhone or iPad and then do the following.

Apple Music

1] Go to the ‘For You’ tab and tap your profile on the top.

2] Select ‘Notifications’.

3] Turn on the toggle for ‘New Music’ and then when it displays, the toggle for ‘Show in Library’ too.

4] If you haven’t subscribed to ‌Apple Music‌, these alerts will show up in your iOS machine’s ‘Lock Screen’ and ‘Notification Center’. If you don’t want to be bothered by these notifications, you can disable them easily.

What are your thoughts on this functionality? Do you have any feature requests for Apple Music or the Music app in the upcoming iOS 14? Let us know down in the comments!

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