Enable and use the Google Chrome Actions feature

November 26, 2020

In addition to many bug fixes and performance improvements, a new capability has been added to the Google Chrome browser. It lets Chrome users turn the browser's address bar into a command prompt. What’s this new Google Chrome Actions feature all about and how to use it? We’ll find an answer to these questions in our today’s post.

Chrome Actions Feature

What is Google Chrome Actions feature?

Google Chrome Actions is a kind of shortcut that makes it super easy to perform certain actions or tasks right from the browser’s address bar, rather than navigating through its settings. To help you utilize Chrome Actions, we’ve made a simple guide that highlights some of the actions you can take.


How to enable Google Chrome Actions feature?

To complete your tasks quickly with just a few keystrokes, enable and use the Google Chrome Actions feature. Here's how!

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Update the browser to its latest version.
  3. Open a new tab, type chrome://flags and hit Enter.
  4. Search for Omnibox.
  5. Enable the flags Omnibox suggestion button row and Omnibox Pedal Suggestions.
  6. Restart the browser.

How to use Google Chrome Actions?

Open a new tab in the browser and type chrome://flags. Hit Enter.

Chrome Flags
Chrome Flags

In the Search box of chrome://flags, type Omnibox.

Omnibox Suggestions
Omnibox Suggestions

Then, from the list of options displayed, look for options given below.

  • Omnibox suggestion button row
  • Omnibox Pedal Suggestions

Enable the two flags.

Restart the browser to allow the changes to take effect.

Clear Browsing History
Clear Browsing History

You’ll know when a phrase is recognized once you see a button and the suggestion appearing below the search bar/Omnibar.

Chrome Actions recognizes hundreds of different phrases. The list is quite exhaustive, and you can read it by visiting the Chromium Source page. For now, the following keyboard shortcuts or Actions are supported in its initial release and there’s no way to change Chrome shortcuts.

  • Clear Browsing Data - Type Clear Cache/Delete History/Wipe Cookies.
  • Open Incognito Window – Type Incognito.
  • Manage Payment Methods – Enter Update Card info or Edit Credit Card Details.
  • Manage Passwords – Type Edit Passwords or Update Credentials.
  • Translate Page – Type Translate this.
  • Update Chrome – Type Update Browser.

What is the Omnibox in Google Chrome?

Omnibox is an Application Programming Interface. It allows you to register a keyword with the Google Chrome address bar.

Hope it helps!


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