How to download data from Facebook on your computer or smartphone

May 23, 2021

Facebook pals can scoop up all their digital media files including photos and videos and save them to a local computer or a smartphone. So, even if they lose all the files in one go, they have a backup copy of it ready with them. Follow this guide to know how to download data from Facebook.

Facebook Features

How to download data from Facebook account?

The social networking site has an archive feature that stores all the information about you. It goes all the way back to when you agreed to accept the terms and conditions of the service and started using it. So, if you have decided to leave Facebook temporarily or permanently, you can choose to take your history with you. Read how to download data from Facebook.

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Select the Account drop-down menu.
  3. Choose Settings and Privacy, then Settings.
  4. Navigate to Your Facebook Information option.
  5. Scroll down to Download your Information entry.
  6. Hit the View link.
  7. Request a copy from the available copies by defining formats.
  8. Download your Facebook data by entering the password.

As a long-time Facebook user, if you keep your profile private except to friends, you can experiment and check what information the networking site stores about you.

How to download all your Facebook data?

Click the Account drop-down menu, visible in the upper-right corner of your account page.

Facebook Settings Privacy Option
Facebook Settings Privacy Option

Choose Settings & privacy option and then, click Settings.

Under the Settings panel on the left, go to Your Facebook information option.

Download your information
Download your information

Scroll down to Download your Information entry and hit the View link to go to a new page.

Now, to request a copy from the available copies, select a date range, alongside other formats of your download request like the quality of photos, videos, and other media.

Create File
Create File

Click Create file to download all Facebook data.

Once, you’ve submitted the download request, it will appear as pending in the Available copies section of the Download your information tool.

Note – It can take a week or more for the Facebook team to complete your download request.

Available Copies
Available Copies

When you get the notification regarding the completion of the process, download your data. You'll need to enter the password for your account. You can choose to receive your information in an HTML format that is easy to view or a JSON format. The latter option lets you use another service to import the data more easily.

Hope that makes sense!


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