How to delete or remove voice history from an Amazon account

It is absolutely necessary and vital to understand the risks associated with using voice recognition software. Voice data residing under your Google Home and Alexa devices can be hacked and manipulated. As such, users must take all essential precautions to prevent abuse of their smart devices. Removing your voice history first can be a right approach in this direction. Here’s a tutorial describing you how to delete or remove voice history from an Amazon account.

Remove voice history from an Amazon account

Alexa app is designed to carry out scores of tasks. For example, it can be used to set alarms, provide quick weather reports, or check latest sports scores. But, on a bad day, anything could go wrong. So, it’s useful to take best possible steps to protect your voice data.

  1. Go to the Alexa Privacy Hub page.
  2. Choose Manage voice recordings tab.
  3. Click Alexa Privacy Settings link.
  4. Select Go to Manage your Content and Devices Page at Amazon.
  5. Switch to the Devices tab.
  6. Hit the Actions button
  7. Choose Delete voice recordings option.

Please note that Voice recordings are used to improve the accuracy of your interactions with Alexa. As such, deleting voice recordings associated with your account could degrade your experience. If you don’t mind experiencing some lag, go ahead, and complete your action.

Open the Alexa Privacy Hub page in your browser.

On the page, you’ll find the following tabs,

  • Make Word
  • Indicators
  • Microphone controls
  • Camera controls
  • Manage voice recordings

Select the last tab i.e., ‘Manage voice recordings’.

Next, click ‘Alexa Privacy Settings’ link displayed above.

When directed to a new page, select ‘Go to Manage your Content and Devices Page at’ link.

Switch from the ‘Content’ tab to the ‘Devices’ tab.

Select an entry from the list and hit the ‘Actions’ button to display more information related to the device.

Now, to delete your voice history from the Amazon account, click the link that reads ‘Delete voice recordings’.

That’s all there to it!