How to delete books from kindle permanently

June 11, 2020

The Kindle reader has become one of the most popular choices for eBook reading. The simplicity of the product is its unique selling point. It lets you read your favorite books, without suffering the drawbacks, associated with using a tablet or smartphone. Having said that, removing books, you no longer require for reading is one of the ways to ensure a clean and uncluttered digital library. So, let’s see how to remove or delete books from Kindle permanently.

Easy way to delete books from Kindle permanently

The Kindle reader's seamless integration with your Amazon account makes it incredibly easy to use the device. Also, deleting books you’ve finished reading is simple but there’s one catch. Whatever is wiped off your device remains in your account. So, here's how to delete books from Kindle.

  1. Hold your finger on a book title.
  2. A list of options will be displayed.
  3. Tap the Delete Permanently option.
  4. Log in to your Amazon account.
  5. Choose Menu.
  6. Go to E-readers & Books.
  7. Tap Manage Your Content and Devices.
  8. Select Your Content tab.
  9. Select a book and hit the Delete button.

How to delete ebooks from Kindle?

We'll cover the method in 2 parts. In the first part, we'll show you how to remove the book from the Kindle app. In the second part, we'll deal with how to delete them permanently.


Firstly, open the Kindle app on your iPad or another tablet.

Go to your Library.

Tap to choose any book.

Delete Permanently
Delete Permanently

Then, from the list of options displayed, select the ‘Delete permanently’ option.

The action when confirmed will remove books from Kindle Library.


Coming to the second part to delete books in Kindle permanently, open your Amazon account on a desktop web browser.

Select ‘Menu’ visible as 3 horizontal bars in the upper-left corner.

Manage Content Devices
Manage Content Devices

Scroll down to Kindle ‘E-readers & Books’ > ‘Manage your Content and Devices’.

Alternatively, you can access your content and devices page online by visiting the following this link.

Check the ‘Your Content’ tab.

Kindle App
Kindle App

All items in your library should now be visible.

Now, simply choose the book(s) you wish to delete by checking the empty boxes to the far left of your screen under a column labeled ‘Select’.

Kindle Books Delete

When done, click the ‘Delete’ button to remove the selected items or delete books in Kindle.

That's all there is to it! Hope it makes sense!


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