How to create an animated GIF in Keynote on iPhone

May 1, 2020

The Keynote app on iPhone makes it easier to create beautiful videos for your online course. Once you’ve added the content, drawings, and animation to a project, you can export it as an animated GIF. This form of animation certainly looks more attractive than plain pictures and simple text descriptions. See, how you can create an animated GIF in Keynote in iPhone.

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Steps to make an animated GIF in Keynote on iPhone

GIFs are animated images that last for just a few seconds and can loop continuously. They consist of snippets of video or animated visuals that you’ve edited or created yourself. Here's how to make a GIF in Keynote!

  1. Open and create a presentation
  2. Choose GIF option
  3. Select desired resolution
  4. Choose Slide range
  5. Adjust Frame Rate
  6. Share the GIF

After creating an animated GIF from slides in your presentation, you can share it in a message or email or post it on a website.

How to add a GIF in Keynote presentation?

Unlock your device, launch the Keynote app and open a presentation.

Keynote More Option
Keynote More Option

Next, tap the ‘More’ button.

Keynote Animated GIFs
Keynote Animated GIFs

Choose ‘Export’ from the ‘More’ screen and select ‘Animated GIF’ option.

Keynote Resolution
Keynote Resolution

Tap a resolution button (Small, Medium, Large or XL).

Choose a ‘Slide Range’. You can use the number wheel to set the starting and ending limit (the lower the number, the slower the animation).


When done, tap ‘Animated GIF Options’.

Move down to ‘Auto-Advance’ section.

Keynote Auto Advance
Keynote Auto Advance

Drag the Auto-advance slider to set how fast you want the animation to continue after a tap. Note that timing will apply to tap events for advancing to the next slide or build.

Keynote Share Option
Keynote Share Option

In the end, tap ‘Export’ > ‘Share’.

If the slide backgrounds use ‘No Fill’ or ‘have transparency’, choose an option to use transparent backgrounds for your animated GIF.

The method to add GIF to Keynote iPad is also similar to the iPhone. Also, see How to record iPhone screen with iOS screen recorder feature

Hope that helps! For more information, visit Apple Support page.


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