Easy ways to conserve Your Kindle battery life for an extended period

May 10, 2021

Devices equipped with a built-in light use more battery. So, if you have recently purchased a new Kindle and downloaded a dozen of books or installed lengthy updates, the battery drain issue should not come as a surprise to you. Try these tips to conserve your Kindle battery life!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

How to conserve your Amazon Kindle battery life?

Amazon claims, its ebook reader requires charging only once a month, but heavy readers like me will probably need to charge the it more often. It’s a portable computer, nonetheless. That said, you can manage to drive more power out of your Kindle battery life without having to charge it frequently. Here’s how!

  1. Lower your Kindle's light settings.
  2. Turn off the Internet connection.
  3. Continue charging Kindle after large downloads.

Though the Kindle screen doesn't require power just to maintain the display, there are a host of other features that consume power bit by bit all the time. Here’s how you can optimize the battery life on Kindle Paperwhite.

1] Lower your Kindle's light settings

It’s easy to control or adjust the screen brightness of compatible Kindle devices. If reading a book, simply tap the top of the screen and choose the Settings icon.

Kindle light Settings
Kindle light Settings

Then to control how bright or dim the screen should appear, tap the Plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to make the changes, gradually.

2] Turn off the Internet connection

There are other ways you can use to get more runtime out of your Kindle's battery, especially if it's aging and fails to last long as it once did. Disabling the Internet connection temporarily is one such way. For the most part, you don't need to stay connected to the Internet just to read. So, conserve the Kindle paperwhite 10th generation battery life by enabling Airplane mode. From the home screen, select the Settings icon and tap the the Airplane Mode option.

Kindle Airplane mode
Kindle Airplane mode

Slide the toggle to enable the mode.

Note – in this mode, you can't buy, sync, or download other content on your device. that's how you can conserve battery life on Kindle Paperwhite.

3] Keep your device charging for a period of time after large downloads

After the device setup is complete and the download has finished, your Kindle indexes all your books to support search capability, but it affects battery life. So, it's advisable to keep your device plugged into a power source and refill the battery power.

How long does the Kindle battery last?

All thanks to the E ink screen paper-like readability, your Kindle has extremely low power consumption. It uses power only when the content of the screen changes. As such, it has a long battery life that's usually measured in days or weeks rather than hours.

Hope that makes sense!


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