How to connect Kindle to Wi-Fi network in range

March 6, 2021

If you’ve already set up a wireless network, you can connect your devices to get online from more places in your house. Your Kindle Fire automatically picks up nearby Wi-Fi networks and wireless hotspots that broadcast their network name. Once connected, you can download content, stream videos, or send PDF files to other devices wirelessly. Use this guide to connect Kindle to Wi-Fi network.

How to connect Kindle to Wi-Fi network of your home?

While some networks are open and allow users to join freely, others have restricted access i.e., they require a password to connect. If you know the password, here’s how to get started and connect Kindle to Wi-Fi network in range.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the Kindle reader.
  2. Choose Quick Settings.
  3. Tap the Wireless icon.
  4. Verify that Airplane Mode is Off.
  5. Tap On, adjacent to Wi-Fi.
  6. Select the network to connect to it.
  7. Enter the password if you see a lock icon.
  8. Tap Connect.

Please note - if you can’t remember the password or do not have access to it, check with the person who set up the network.

Kindle Settings
Kindle Settings

Gently place your fingertip at the top of the Kindle screen and swipe down from the top to make the Quick Settings icon visible.

Kindle Wireless Settings
Kindle Wireless Settings

When seen, tap the icon and choose the Wireless option.

Move the slider next to Wi-Fi option to On position.

Wireless Networking
Wireless Networking

From the list of networks displayed, select the desired network.

Connect Kindle to Wi-Fi

Next, if you see a lock icon against the chosen network, enter the Wi-Fi network password, and then tap Connect.


Hereafter, your Kindle device will automatically connect to the network again when it's in range. If more than one network is in range, your Kindle will connect to the last network used, by default.

Why is my Kindle not connecting to WiFi?

If you can't connect Kindle to Wi-Fi network you want to connect, make sure you're within range of the network. Also, restart the Wi-Fi connection on your device. For this, simply tap Wi-Fi, turn off the Wi-Fi by moving the slider to the Off position, and then, choose On again.


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