Like most browsers, Apple’s Safari browser allows you to clear browser history from its record entirely. Still, many netizens confuse the process with the procedure of clearing the Safari browser cache. Both processes are different and have different functions.

While the former removes your browsing record, the latter clear storage cache files that might be linked to your personal information.

Let’s take a quick look at how to clear browser history from the Safari browser on Apple devices.

How to clear browser history from Safari entirely?

You can choose to remove a portion of your browsing history or all of it from the browser. We’ll see how to clear browser history from Safari on Mac and iPhone/iPad.

  1. For Mac, choose Safari browser icon from your Dock.
  2. Launch the browser.
  3. Click History tab.
  4. Select Clear History option at the bottom.
  5. From the pop-up menu, choose an option to remove the browsing history.
  6. To remove specific entries individually, right-click them under History menu and select the Delete option.
  7. On your iPhone/iPad, launch Safari browser.
  8. Tap Bookmarks option.
  9. Switch to Clock icon and click the Clear link at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Choose the desired option to remove the history.

History record barely occupies some space but it can reveal information about your browsing websites and which websites you frequently visit. This may raise privacy concerns.

How to clear history on Safari Mac?

Open your Mac and launch the Safari browser from the dock.

In the window that opens, switch to the History menu and click to expand its menu.

Clear Browser History
Clear Browser History

From the list of options displayed, select Clear History at the bottom of the screen.

Clear Mac Safari Browser History
Clear Mac Safari Browser History

If prompted with a message, choose the desired option from the Clear drop-down menu.

Hit the Clear History button.

How to clear history on Safari iPhone?

For removing browsing history from an iPhone, launch the Safari browser.

Tap the Bookmarks option on your iPhone or iPad.

iPhone Bookmarks
iPhone Bookmarks

Switch to the Clock icon (3rd from your left) and choose the Clear option at the bottom of the screen.

History Removal Options
History Removal Options

From the options displayed, select an option to clear browser history from Safari on iPhone/iPad.

Why can’t I clear my history on Safari?

Content Privacy Restrictions
Content Privacy Restrictions

Check if you or someone else has enabled Content & Privacy Restrictions. It prevents a user from clearing History and Website Data and the option for the same may appear grayed out. Disable it by going to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.

That’s all there is to it!