Choose 'Present Only' in Google Meet & enable right-side chat in Gmail

May 21, 2020

In Google Meet, you can choose to present your entire screen or a specific part of it. Also, while you present, you can share information related to documents, presentations, or spreadsheets. In this post, we’ll see how to join Google Meet only to present and later cover the steps related to the following process - enable right-side chat in Gmail.

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How to Present in Google Meet

When you join Google Meet simply to present the content, only your computer's window gets displayed in the meeting. No audio or other video is sent or received. Still, if you would like to join Meet for presenting purposes only do the following:

  1. Visit Google Meet Page.
  2. Join a meeting.
  3. Hit the Present button.
  4. Choose a screen to share.
  5. Press the Share button.

Go to the page.

Select the scheduled meeting or click ‘Join or Start a Meeting’. and enter a meeting code.

Join Now
Join Now

Here, instead of clicking ‘Join now’, choose ‘Present’.

Share Screen
Share Screen

Now, select a window or application and hit the ‘Share’ button.

2] Enable Right-side chat in Gmail

A large majority of Gmail users prefer Gmail Chat over Google Meet. In fact, some of them even maintain; the change is needless. Surprisingly, the Google Forums page flags this issue as a 'Meet' issue rather than one related to Gmail. If, you too, have been facing this issue, a simple trick will let you restore the Gmail Chat option readily. Here's how to enable right-side chat in Gmail.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Switch to Advanced tab.
  3. Select Right-side chat setting.
  4. Check enable option.

Note: Some users reported, following the roll-out of Meet New options -

  • Start a meeting
  • Join a meeting  

Open your Gmail account.

Gmail Settings
Gmail Settings

 Click the 'Settings' icon (shaped like a gear) at the top right underneath your profile picture.

Next, switch to the 'Advanced tab.

Gmail Enable Chat
Gmail Enable Chat

Under it, locate right-side chat heading and check the 'enable' option.

Gmail Chat Enabled
Gmail Chat Enabled

When enabled, the option will move the chatbox to the right side of the inbox.

Finally, save the changes and exit the Settings.

That's it! Also, read our previous post -  troubleshoot Google Meet Problems.


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