There are reasons why an iPhone is known as a Smartphone. It’s loaded with many useful features that make it just a swipe away from being something more. For instance, when there are moments of darkness, you need not worry, just reach for your iPhone! It can function as a torchlight. The iPhone 11’s Flashlight can also grab your attention when you have incoming notifications. So, let’s see how to adjust flashlight brightness in an iPhone 11.

Adjust Flashlight brightness on new iPhone 11

The iPhone 11’s LED flash has gotten so powerful you can use it as a flashlight when you need it. You can access it via

  1. Control Center
  2. Adjust the Flashlight

With even less effort, you can also turn off an iPhone’s Flashlight.

1] Control Center

Unlock your iPhone 11and swipe from the upper-right corner downwards to open Control Center.

iPhone Control Center
iPhone Control Center

Press and hold the Flashlight icon (visible as a torch) to get access to the bar.

2] Adjust the Flashlight

Adjust Flashlight Brightness
Adjust Flashlight Brightness

Now, increase or decrease the intensity of the light as desired by dragging your finger up or down. The slider as you can see in the image above displays four bars.

As for older iPhones or iPhones running older versions of iOS, Control Center can be accessed from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. Flashlight on iPhone 6S (3D Touch-enabled iPhone) had three brightness options, namely –

  • Bright Light
  • Medium Light
  •  Low Light.

It did not have the bars as seen in later models.

On a side note, flashlight’s brightness is measured in terms of lumens. Lumens are the light output measurement. Generally, 1 lumen is considered 10 times brighter than the moonlight.  Want to know iPhone light brightness lumens? Well, LED Flashlight is not the same in every iPhone or Apple device, so there is no way to guess the exact value of flashlight’s brightness.