How do you find Applications folder on Mac running macOS Catalina or later

October 8, 2020

macOS utilizes the folder system to organize items on a Mac. As such, it has a special use for all Mac computers. However, the tricky part is finding it. Most users experience trouble while locating the Applications folder. If you happen to be one of them, worry not! Refer to this guide to find the Applications folder on Mac.

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What is Mac Applications folder?

On Mac, the Application folder is a special folder that contains apps, including Mail, Calendar, Safari, and many others. Apps residing inside this folder also appear in Launchpad. You can choose to drag an app out of the Applications folder and create an alias. It’s a kind of shortcut for quickly accessing an app, file, or folder.

Mac Applications
Mac Applications

So, when you create an alias for an item and use it, the original item opens but the original item isn’t moved to a different location. Also, when you move or rename the original item, the link between it and the alias continues to exist.

Besides all these, you can use the Applications folder to uninstall or remove apps that you downloaded and installed from the Internet or from a disc.

Where is the Applications folder on a Mac?

There are 2 ways via which you can find or open the Applications folder on Mac.

  1. Use Finder Preferences
  2. Use Command shortcut

When you have trouble locating the Mac Applications folder path or can't find the Applications folder Mac.

1] Use Finder Preferences

Many of your folders that are in regular use can be found inside the Finder sidebar. So, if you want to make any changes to the folder or you can’t find you can locate it inside the Finder Sidebar.

Go to the Finder menu in the upper right corner, just adjacent to the Apple menu, and select it.

Preferences Option
Preferences Option

From the list of options displayed, select Preferences.

Next, choose the Sidebar button under Finder Preferences.

Applications Preferences
Applications Preferences

Then, under Show, these items in the sidebar, re-check the Applications folder option.

Also, if the folder is missing from the Dock, you can restore it to Dock.

Add to Dock
Add to Dock

After checking the Applications box, right-click it and select ‘Add to Dock’. This will enable you to quickly access your favorite applications on macOS.

2] Use the command shortcut

Command Shortcut
Command Shortcut

On your Mac simply press Shift+Command+A in combination.

This will open the folder instantly.

Apple recommends it’s best not to rename or move folders that came with your Mac. If you do, kindly move them back and repair permissions.

Hope that helps!

Source - Apple.


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2 comments on “How do you find Applications folder on Mac running macOS Catalina or later”

  1. Tip 2 worked, the Application Folder opened; thank you
    On Tip 1 I checked (selected) all the folders I want to be shown on the sidebar, however, none are shown except the "iCloude Drive" one

    1. Hi Felix! if you have these items on the dock and want them to appear in the side bar, simply drag and drop them from the dock to the side bar. You should then find them listed under the sidebar.

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