How do you change an Apple AirTag Battery

July 17, 2021

If your AirTag battery is original, you don’t really need to worry about running out of power within a few days/ weeks or getting the low battery notification at the very last moment. This is because, the coin cell battery inside the Apple accessory is built to last at least a year before it needs to be replaced. Also, Apple sends an alert on your iPhone when the tracker needs to have its battery changed.

Apple AirTag Tracking

How to change Apple AirTag battery?

As mentioned earlier, AirTag battery doesn’t randomly run out of power and die without you noticing it. However, that’s just an estimate since, how long the battery will last will mainly depend on your actual usage. So, when the time comes, here’s how you can change the battery/batteries.

  1. Hold the AirTag in you hand.
  2. Press down on the battery cover.
  3. Rotate the cover counter-clock wise until it stops.
  4. Remove the battery.
  5. Replace the old battery with the new one.
  6. Make sure the positive mark should face towards you.
  7. Attach it firmly by rotating clockwise.

Changing AirTags battery is simply a 3-step process namely, Remove, Replace and Attach. Here’s how you should proceed.

How to replace AirTag batteries?

Press Down AirTag Cover
Press Down AirTag Cover

Hold the AirTag in your hand with its stainless-steel cover facing towards you.

Rotate AirTag Cover Counter-clockwise
Rotate AirTag Cover Counter-clockwise

Press down on the battery cover and rotate it counter-clock wise until it stops.

Release your fingers. The battery cover should popup.

Remove the battery and then, insert the new one you recently purchased.

Battery +ve Sign
Battery +ve Sign

Note, the positive sign mark of the battery should be facing towards you.

AirTags Cover Markings
AirTags Cover Markings

Now, to reattach the battery, line up the 3 marks with the 3 slots on AirTags and press down.

You should hear a sound, indicating the battery is connected.

Rotate AirTag Cover Clockwise
Rotate AirTag Cover Clockwise

Rotate the battery cover clockwise until it stops.

What is the use of Apple AirTags?

Apple AirTag is a tracking accessory that finds application in locating misplaced or stolen items via the Find My app. It is deeply integrated with the iOS ecosystem.

Are Apple AirTags waterproof?

The coin-shaped tag has IP67-grade. If you are not aware, the first number after IP indicates the protection against solid objects like dust and sand.  This number varies between 0 and 6. ‘0’ denotes no protection against dust and sand while 6 means 100% protection. Similarly, the second number after IP denotes protection against liquid damage. Here again, the number ranges between 0 to 8. So, a number 7 for AirTags denote a high degree of protection against water (at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water). 

What batteries do AirTags use?

The tracking accessory from Apple (AirTags) uses coin shaped CR2032 batteries. These batteries are suitable for use in keyfobs, wearables, sport devices, etc.

We recommend you buying Duracell Lithium Coin 2032 batteries (3V) since they are built to last long. In addition, its Tamper-proof pack with double blister make it impossible for child to tear its covering without scissors. Some even have child-secure packaging with bitter coating to discourage swallowing but these units may not be compatible with AirTags.

Do you have to charge AirTags?

No! There is no way to charge an Apple AirTag since, puck-shaped tracker batteries have to be replaced with CR2032 batteries.

Hope that makes sense!


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