Strengthen privacy of personal Files with Google Safe folder

August 6, 2020

Google allows the sharing of a single Android device between multiple users by separating user accounts and application data. However, complete safety of any sensitive data of a user is not possible until there’s a feature that keeps private files locked in a separate, password-locked folder. For this reason, Google has added a new capability - Safe folder for Files by Google service. find out how to use Google Safe folder!

How to use Google Safe folder for protecting your Files

The content you store on your Smartphone should be easily accessible to you and only you. If others have access to it easily, it greatly undermines the security of the system. To overcome this shortcoming, the tech-giant has rolled out Google Safe folder.

  1. Open Files by Google App.
  2. Go to Browse tab.
  3. Scroll down to Collections section.
  4. Under it, locate Safe Folder feature.
  5. To add files to Safe Folder, choose a file.
  6. Press the drop-down arrow, select Move to Safe folder.
  7. Enter the PIN and tap Next button to keep private files locked in a separate, password-locked folder.

When you enable the 'Safe folder' feature for files by google download, they cannot be accessed even when the app is in the background. You will be asked for the PIN every time you want to open the folder.


Google Files Safe Folder

Launch Files by Google app on your Smartphone.

Safe Folder for Files by Google
Safe Folder for Files by Google

Go to the Browse tab. Under it, scroll down to Collections section.

Here, the Safe folder option should be visible to you.

Move to Safe folder
Move to Safe folder

Tap the folder, choose a file you would like to add to the folder. Select Move to Safe folder option.

Safe folder Enter Pin
Safe folder Enter Pin

Confirm the action by entering a PIN.


You will notice, once the files are transferred to Safe Folder, they automatically disappear from the gallery or other file browsers.

Also, as soon as you step away from the app, the Files by Google feature will securely lock itself. This makes sure, the content you store inside the folder is not readily accessible when the app is running in the background. You will be prompted for the PIN every time you try to open the folder.

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Source - Google Blog.


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