Google launches a Pinterest-like AI-powered app called Google Keen

June 24, 2020

Curating web content is just as important as curating music for a soundtrack or curating an exhibition. However, the whole exercise can be burdensome at times. To beat this, Google has come up with a new experimental offering, called Google Keen. It’s a machine learning app that lets users curate, shareable content. So, what’s so special about Google’s new social network Keen, and how does it work? Let’s check out!

Create a Keen

Google Keen content curating app

Google Keen proactively recommends content to users. As such, it can be used as a place to nurture or grow your interests and share with loved ones. In turn, you can discover other things based on what you have saved and develop them as your new interests. The more you save to a keen and organize it, the better the recommendations become since the app is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Go to Keen landing page and sign in.
  2. Select an interest.
  3. Create a Keen.
  4. Edit privacy, if required.
  5. Add suggestions and start exploring.

Google strongly believes, personalized content curation presents a huge opportunity for brands to build a relationship with their audience. As such, providing a proper platform can benefit society, at large!

How to use Google Keen content curating app?

Visit the Keen landing page and sign in.

Select an interest or explore more.

Keen Icon
Keen Icon

To create a Keen for every interest, click the ‘+’ icon.

If you would like Keen to email you about new finds, simply slide the toggle for the option to ‘On’ position.

Create Keen
Create Keen

Add suitable options from the Suggestions provided.


Keen Explore
Keen Explore

Once done, you’ll see the Keen created. Click to open it.

Here, you’ll notice the content curated into 3 separate categories including,

  • Gems
  • Explore
  • Searches

Select the desired category and start exploring.

Keen share option
Keen share option

If required, you can add more sections, share your Keen or Edit it  (make them private, visible to only the user that has created it).

 In simple words, the Pinterest-like app helps you explore the specific interest you want to spend more time on.

Visit Google Keen site.


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