Fix your Apple Magic Mouse lagging issue with these tricks

December 23, 2021

Though not often, Apple’s Magic Mouse and its subsequent version - Magic Mouse 2 can exhibit a few quirks. These range from inconsistent behavior to slower or less precise cursor movements. If it continues to persist, the Magic Mouse lagging issue can become a serious problem. Below are some of the troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the issue.

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How to fix the Apple Magic Mouse lagging issue on your MacBook?

It is easy to realize that you’re experiencing the Magic mouse lagging issue when you notice a few seconds of delay between a mouse movement and its response on your screen. It can be due to insufficient processing power, especially when there are multiple tabs open in your browser or your system is running resource-heavy programs like Illustrator or Premiere. If that’s not the case, you’ll need to try a few workarounds.

  1. Turn off and on your mouse.
  2. Check the Battery percentage level.
  3. Delete corrupted Preference files.
  4. Adjust Magic Mouse speed & sensitivity.

Let’s explore the above methods in a bit more detail.

Why is my Apple Mouse lagging?

There can be a number of reasons why your Magic Mouse turns unresponsive, acts slow, or appears lagging in performance. It can be due to a corrupted preference file or a change in the mouse speed & sensitivity settings. In any case, you’ll need to pinpoint the issue and fix it.

How do I fix my Apple mouse lag?

Fixing your Apple Magic Mouse lagging issue does not require you to do something extraordinary. Just a few checks & balances done correctly should do the job for you.

1] Turn off and on your mouse

Magic Mouse Switch
Magic Mouse Switch

If you are using Magic Mouse 2, it has a power switch on the rear side. Slide the switch to turn off the device (no green is visible). Wait for 10 seconds then, slide the switch back to turn on the device (green becomes visible). If your mouse has a removable battery, then remove the battery, wait a few seconds and then reinsert it.

2] Check the Battery percentage level

Battery Percentage
Battery Percentage

For your mouse to work uninterrupted, it is essential that the device is charged sufficiently. if it has a built-in rechargeable battery, you can check the battery level by clicking the Bluetooth icon in your MacBook’s menu bar. If the battery level is too low, connect the mouse to your MacBook or USB power charger using a Lightning to USB Cable and charge it sufficiently.

3] Delete corrupted Preference files

Go to the Desktop screen of your MacBook and click the Macintosh HD icon. Then, navigate to Libraries > Preferences folder.

Preferences Files Damaged
Preferences Files Damaged

Expand the Preferences folder to find the following entries.


When found drag these folders to the Trash Bin. Restart your computer to allow it to recreate the default preference files for the mouse.

4] Adjust Magic Mouse speed & sensitivity

Go to the Apple menu to expand its menu of options, select System Preferences > Mouse > Point & Click.

Magic Mouse Lagging Fixed
Magic Mouse Lagging Fixed

In the Mouse Properties window that appears, check if the Tracking speed slider is set to extremely slow speed. Change it to the desired level and exit the window.

Your problem should be fixed now.

Source- Apple


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