Fix iPhone screen goes dark randomly during calls

July 31, 2021

iPhone is unbeatable but there’s one nagging issue associated with it. While making or receiving calls, the iPhone screen goes dark randomly and does not respond to any taps. Troubleshooting this common problem is easy. You don’t have to ruin your day for it!

iPhone Screen Goes Dark

How to fix iPhone screen goes dark randomly during calls

Fix iPhone screen goes dark
Fix iPhone screen goes dark

When the iPhone screen goes dark and fails to wake up even after tapping its screen multiple times, it doesn’t mean the phone battery is dead. There’s another reason for it. So, if you’re wondering why my iPhone screen is dark and struggling to fix the issue, use this iPhone hack to resolve it permanently.

  1. Check if the proximity sensor is obstructed.
  2. If yes, remove the obstruction to fix the issue.
  3. Remove any finger marks near the sensor
  4. Force Restart your iPhone.
  5. Press the Volume up button.
  6. Press the Volume down button.
  7. Hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

Why does my phone screen keep going black when I make a call?

If you are not aware, all Apple iPhones are equipped with a proximity sensor. It is this sensor, that makes the screen go dark and unresponsive when you hold the phone close to your ear. You can verify it by making a call and placing your finger over the earpiece. You should see the screen turning black.

This is done, in an attempt to stop you from hitting other buttons, accidentally. Other possible explanation could be to reduce display power consumption and thus save battery life by turning off the screen light.

So, when you’re on the call, you may not have access to other screen options like Mute, Speaker, Keypad, FaceTime and Contacts.

How do I stop my iPhone screen from turning off during a call?

Make sure, the proximity sensor is not obstructed (even partially) by a case and/or a screen protector. If it does, remove the case or screen-guard and replace it with the one that does not cover the sensor.

Remove any visible finger marks near the sensor using a non-toxic cleaner and a clean and dry piece of cloth.

If the above methods fail to work do a Force Restart. For this, press the Volume Up button and release it.


Next, Press the Volume Down button and release it.

Now, hold the Power button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo appearing on your iPhone screen. On older iPhones use the volume Down button and Power button to get the same result.

When done, check if the problem persists. It should be solved permanently!

Hope that makes sense!


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