Enable right click on Mac in few easy steps

September 24, 2021

When you right click on Mac, it opens a menu with various entries listed. You can choose an item from the menu to access information related to it or get specific help. However, this setting is not enabled by default. So, users who have recently switched from Windows to macOS may find it difficult to know how to right click on Mac. This short tutorial will guide you through the process.

Enable Right Click Mac

How to enable right click on Mac for Magic Mouse 2?

Right click on Mac is very similar to right-click on a Windows computer but it has a different name. it’s known as Control-click and lets you open shortcut (or contextual) menus on a Mac. You can choose to customize options for this secondary-click on your mouse but you’ll need to enable it in the first place.

  1. On your Mac, go to Apple menu.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Choose Mouse icon.  
  4. Head towards the Point & Click pane.
  5. Check the checkbox next to the Secondary Click option.
  6. Select a way to right-click on your Mac Magic Mouse.

So, if you prefer using your Magic mouse when you're on your MacBook, get started by enabling the right click on magic mouse.

What is the purpose of the right click on the mouse?

Right click or alternative-clicking on the mouse opens up a new level of interaction by offering extra contextual menus through a simple shortcut. For example, if you’ve enabled this option, you can right click on a running application or its icon in the Dock and choose to quit it.

How to right click on Mac?

On your Mac, go to the Apple menu, located in the upper-left corner of your Desktop screen.

Mac System Preference
Mac System Preference

Click it and from the list of options displayed select System preferences.

Mouse Entry
Mouse Entry

When the System Preferences screen opens, navigate to the Mouse icon.

Click open the mouse properties window.

Point & Click Pane
Point & Click Pane

Switch to the Point & Click tab to open the Point & Click pane.


Scroll down to the Secondary click option. Hit the drop-down button, adjacent to it. From the options listed therein, select one of the following.

  • Click on the right side - Assigns the right-click function to the right side of your mouse. This is set as the default option.
  • Click on the left side: This option is designed for the left-handed use. It assigns the right-click function to the left side of your mouse. Southpaws find it extremely easy to use.

Once done, check the box marked against the Secondary click option and close the window to save your changes.

Why does right-click not work on Mac?

This problem is seen with users who do not use Apple magic Mouse. So, if you have a non-Apple mouse with two buttons try this workaround - Holding the Control button on a keyboard, click the mouse button. This will have the same action as right-click function.

Hope that makes sense!  


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