Enable or disable Kindle Clock display while reading

October 12, 2021

Apart from promising a better reading experience, the 6-inch glare-free display on the Kindle lets you keep tabs on your reading time. So, when you’re reading books on the device, you can choose to show or hide the Kindle Clock. There’s not much you need to do. Just a few taps around the device’s settings and you’re done!

How to enable or disable Kindle Clock display?

If you cannot find the right buttons to push or can’t figure out a way to show the Kindle clock on the screen, follow this guide. Setting the local time on your Kindle e-reader can also prevent issues you may experience during the device registration.

  1. Wakeup your kindle.
  2. Enter the passcode to unlock it.
  3. Tap on Menu.
  4. Select Font icon.
  5. Switch to More tab.
  6. Scroll down to Show time while reading option.
  7. Toggle the switch to On position or off.

As your booklist gets longer, you start spending more time reading. However, one should take care not to stretch the reading time beyond a limit. Having a clock, displaying time right at the top of the screen can serve as a gentle reminder. So, depending on your preference, here’s how you can enable or disable the Kindle clock display.


How do I display the clock on my Kindle?

Wake up your Kindle. If it is powered Off, turn On the device. Unlock the device by entering the passcode.

Assuming your device is connected to the WiFi network, tap near the corner (top-right) of the screen to reveal Menu and other icons.

Kindle Font Icon
Kindle Font Icon

Choose the Font icon.

More Tab Kindle
More Tab Kindle

Switch from the Themes tab to the More tab.

Show Clock While Reading
Show Clock While Reading

Under the More menu, scroll down to the 'Show clock while reading' option. Toggle the switch to On position.

Kindle Time Display
Kindle Time Display

Check the device time at the top of the screen to make sure it displays your local time.

If you find the time entry missing from the page, restart your device and set up the time again.

How do I turn off the clock on my Kindle?

If you do not wish to display time while reading,  simply disable the toggle switch next to Show time while reading entry under More options.

Hope that makes sense!


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