Enable Apple TV Sleep Mode to stop it from opening unwanted apps

December 2, 2021

You can put your Apple TV in a sleep mode either automatically or manually. In the former case, you must configure Sleep After time interval through Settings app while in the latter, you’ll have to switch to the Control Centre. Let us explore the second method in a bit more detail and see how to activate Apple TV Sleep Mode.

Sleep Mode Apple TV

How to switch to Apple TV Sleep Mode via Control Centre?

Control Centre in Apple TV allows you to quickly access the settings and controls for switching users, playing music or putting Apple TV to sleep and more. Also, you can quickly switch between users via Control Centre so that every individual gets their own unique Up Next video list, video and music collections and other recommendations. See how you can enable Apple TV Sleep Mode through Control Centre.

  1. Connect your Apple TV to a power outlet.
  2. Turn On your Apple TV.
  3. On the Siri Remote, press and hold the Power button.
  4. Select Sleep.
  5. To wake Apple TV, press the Power button, Back button or TV button.

An alternative way to put an Apple TV into Sleep Mode is to just wait. All Apple TV models are designed to slip into the Sleep Mode automatically after sitting idle for a set amount of time.

How do I put my Apple TV on sleep mode?

Make sure your Apple TV is On and connected to a power outlet.

Siri Remote Second Generation
Siri Remote Second Generation

On Siri Remote (2nd generation), press and hold the Power button.

Apple TV Sleep Mode
Apple TV Sleep Mode

When the Control Centre screen opens as a side panel on the right, choose the Sleep option.

Instantly, your Apple TV will slip into the Sleep Mode. If you would like to Wake up the same, press the Power button, Back button or TV button on Siri Remote (2nd generation). For Siri Remote (1st generation), press the Menu button or TV button.

Hope that makes sense!


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