Disable push notifications for apps on Kindle Fire tablet

July 7, 2021

Push notifications for apps has become a great marketing tool for running successful ad campaigns on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, in a bid to acquire more users, app publishers sometimes go overboard. Given the number of apps installed on a device and the notifications a user receives, he may choose to opt-out of receiving more unless these notifications have some real value. Here’s a short tutorial describing you how to turn off push notifications on an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

Kindle Fire Tablet

How to disable push notifications for apps on Kindle Fire tablet?

Nearly every major app uses push notifications for transactions and re-engagement. In fact, this channel of choice to engage with the audience has rapidly evolved from a simple message delivery system to a rich and interactive medium. Depending on your love/hate relationship with web and push notifications for apps, you can manage it, as desired. Here’s how to disable them on Kindle Fire HD tablet.

  1. Select the Settings tab from the Home Screen.
  2. Choose Apps and Notifications.
  3. Scroll down to Notifications section.
  4. Under it, choose on the Lock Screen option.
  5. Tap the option and select Don’t show notifications at all.
  6. Alternatively, tap App Notifications.
  7. At the top, there’s a Master Switch.
  8. Tap it to display options.
  9. Set your desired preferences or do it separately for individual apps.

How to turn off Push Notifications?

All major platforms like iOS, Windows, Android and Fire OS support push notifications for their own services.

Kindle Fire Settings
Kindle Fire Settings

To turn off or disable push notifications on Kindle Fire tablet, go to Settings (click the Settings icon on Home Screen).

Notifications Enabled
Notifications Enabled

Under it, choose Notifications.

Here, choose On the Lock Screen option. This will allow you to stop notifications from all the apps.

Push Notifications for Apps on Kindle
Push Notifications for Apps on Kindle

To do so, simply tap Don’t show notifications at all entry.

Notifications Enabled
Notifications Enabled

Alternatively, you can disable notifications from individual apps by choosing App Notifications setting. It allows you to choose which apps can send you notifications.

Apps Turned Off
Apps Turned Off

When directed to a new screen, use the Master Switch to toggle your preferences i.e. if you have enabled notifications for All Apps, tap it again to disable the push notifications for apps.

Disable Push Notifications for Apps
Disable Push Notifications for Apps

You can still tap each app to configure your preferences individually. When you choose the app, 3 options will be visible namely,

  • Block All
  • Show Silently
  • Override Do Not Disturb.

Select the desired option.

What are push notifications?

Push Notifications, just like SMS alerts are messages that appear on a lock screen of your device. They are designed to catch your attention and sent by App publishers if you have their app installed. To receive them, you don’t have to be necessarily in the app or using your device but opt-in for it, when setting up or installing the app. Moreover, since it’s not you who decides what alerts you see or when, you get curated alerts from that app at any time.

Hope that makes sense!


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