Disable now playing podcast screen on Apple Watch

September 14, 2021

When playing a podcast episode on your iPhone, you can easily control its audio playback on Apple Watch or other devices. This feature however has one shortfall – every time you wake the screen to check the time, its display automatically shows the Now Playing screen. Although good, more often than not, you’d simply want to turn off this feature. Let’s dive in to find how to stop now playing podcast screen on Apple Watch.

Podcasts on Apple Watch

How to stop Now Playing podcast screen on Apple Watch?

If you have AirPods connected to your iPhone, you can readily use them with your Apple Watch. Plus, you can stream Podcasts or listen to Apple Music and audiobooks by syncing them. By default, the settings for watch face display is set to ‘always-on’ mode. This makes the mode always display a Now Playing screen every time you raise your wrist. Disabling the Now Playing podcast screen will stop Apple Watch from Automatically Launching streaming and audio apps.

  1. On your watch, press the Digital Crown.
  2. Go to the home screen.
  3. Find the Settings app. Open it.
  4. Go to General section.
  5. Choose Wake Screen.
  6. Disable auto-launch audio apps.

What does auto-launch audio apps mean on Apple Watch?

watchOS 4 onwards, Apple introduced a default setting – ‘Now Playing’ to auto-launch audio apps when you wake the screen while playing audio or streaming podcasts on your Apple Watch or iPhone. It was found to be useful in some cases but not all, especially when playing music from the watch or a podcast from your smartphone.

How do I get rid of now playing on my Apple Watch?

Assuming you’re wearing your watch, press the Digital Crown to go to Home Screen.

Apple Watch Settings Icon
Apple Watch Settings Icon

Tap the Settings icon to launch it.

Watch Screen General Section
Watch Screen General Section

Scroll down to the General section. Locate the Wake Screen entry. When found tap it to control your Apple Watch’s wake-up settings.

Auto Launch Audio Apps
Auto Launch Audio Apps

Here, you’ll find the option to disable Auto-Launch Audio Apps. Simply slide the toggle switch to Off position to disable it permanently.

Once done, your now playing music or now playing podcast screen will stop from showing up when you raise your wrist to check on time.


Hope that makes sense!


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