How to delete Instagram account permanently

October 6, 2020

Many social networking addicts, during their leisure time, keep checking their Instagram account, inadvertently. Although it's not a crime, scrolling pictures on the photo-based platform aimlessly for hours can have a direct bearing on your mental health. One must take steps instantly to limit his/her engagement on the site or even delete the account, if necessary. So, if you want to know how to delete Instagram account, follow the instructions given in the post!

How to delete Instagram account from your iPhone or Mac computer

People drowning in loneliness and despair are often seen as addicted to social networking sites. The desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing on Instagram is seen closely linked to the Fear of missing out (FOMO), generating hopelessness and despair in exchange. Read how to delete Instagram account permanently. It won’t hurt much!

  1. On your Mac computer.
  2. Launch the Safari browser.
  3. Submit the request to delete your account for a reason.
  4. Press the Permanently delete my account button.
  5. On your iPhone, launch the Instagram app.
  6. Go to your Profile.
  7. Select Settings from the Menu section.
  8. Scroll down to Help > Help Center.
  9. Tap Managing my account link.
  10.  Select the Delete Your Account link.
  11. Expand the page section to go to Delete your Account page.
  12.  Select a reason for deletion.
  13. Tap the Permanently delete my account button.

Please note, it may take up to 90 days from the beginning of the deletion process to delete all the things you've posted on your Instagram account.


How to delete Instagram account on Mac?

On your Mac, open Safari browser and click this link.

Delete Instagram Account Mac
Delete Instagram Account Mac

Here, select a reason for requesting the permanent removal of your account.

Re Enter Password
Re-Enter Password

Then, hit the Permanently delete my account button.

How to delete Instagram account on iPhone?

In comparison to deleting your Instagram account on Mac, this method appears to be a tedious one.

To start, open the Instagram app.


Go to your Profile and select Menu (visible as 3 horizontal bars).

Here, select Settings from the list of options.

Instagram Settings Help
Instagram Settings Help

Then, go to the Help section.

Help Center Instagram
Help Center Instagram

Expand the Help section to access the Help Center.

Tap the Menu in the upper-right corner of the screen and from the list of options displayed, select the Manage Your Account option.

Menu Instagram
Menu Instagram

Under the Manage Your Account screen, scroll down to choose the Delete Your Account link.

Delete Your Account Link
Delete Your Account Link

You'll be directed to a new page with the following heading - To request the permanent deletion of your account. Tap the Delete your Account link.

Instagram Account Deletion
Instagram Account Deletion

Select a reason.

Delete Instagram Account Permanently
Delete Instagram Account Permanently

When done, re-enter your password to confirm the action.

Hit the Delete button to find your Instagram account permanently disabled.

That's all there is to it!


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