Facebook 3D Creation

How to create Facebook 3D photo

Adding a parallax effect to your photos does not require special gear or special skills. Facebook for iPhone lets you easily convert any static picture into a 3D photo by adding depth and movement to it. To try it out for yourself, follow the instructions given in the post to create the Facebook 3D photo.

How to create Facebook 3D Photo on a new iPhone

Facebook 3D Photos feature relies on the ‘Portrait mode’ capabilities available only in new, higher-end smartphones like iPhone. It adds movement to timeline photos by leveraging the depth information captured by Apple’s dual-camera iPhones. To create a Facebook 3D post, follow the instructions given below!

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Go to your timeline.
  3. Tap Create Post.
  4. Choose photo/video in Portrait mode.
  5. Click Make 3D.
  6. Share the post to your Timeline.

You can share 3D photos from your News Feed, a group or a Page.

Open your Facebook account and go to News Feed page.

Create Post Photo Option
Create Post Photo Option

Here, tap ‘What’s on your mind?’ at the top of your News Feed. Tap Write something… in a group or Create a post on a Page.

Tap ‘Photo/Video‘.

iPhone Camera Roll
iPhone Camera Roll

Choose your Portrait Mode photo and tap ‘Done’. You’ll see 3D in the bottom right of eligible photos.

Facebook 3D Photo
Facebook 3D Photo

Tap ‘Make 3D’ in the top left of your photo. Your 2D photo will be transformed into a 3D one.

If you would like to share it with someone go ahead and hit ‘Share’ or post it to your Timeline.

Facebook 3D Photo Remove
Facebook 3D Photo Remove

To remove the 3D effect, simply tap ‘Remove 3D’ in the top left of your photo.

For phones without Portrait Mode, you can still make a photo a 3D one. Simply, tap What’s on your mind? at the top of your News Feed. Tap Write something… in a group or Create a post on a Page.

Then, scroll down and tap 3D photo.

Select the photo you’d like to use.

That’s all to it!

It is important to mention here that 3D photos cannot be edited. For more information, visit Facebook.com

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