Connect multiple Amazon accounts to the same Echo Show device

April 12, 2021

It’s possible to connect 2 different Amazon accounts to the same Alexa-enabled device such as Amazon Echo Show or Echo Dot. All you must do is set up an Amazon Household to switch from one account to another. You can even add up to four kids and teens. So, if you’re looking to connect multiple Amazon accounts to the Alexa-enabled smart display here’s the trick you must remember and follow!

Connect Multiple Amazon Accounts to Echo Show

How to connect multiple Amazon accounts to a single Echo Show?

Although connecting multiple Amazon accounts is not recommended for roommates, a family member or your spouse can benefit from getting together. Linked accounts can share Amazon benefits like Prime membership, books/audiobooks from Kindle Library, and more. You can even make and receive Alexa calls and messages on the same Echo Show for all linked accounts in your Amazon Household.

  1. Go to Manage your Household page.
  2. Click/tap Add adult tab.
  3. Enter the mobile number or email address of the member.
  4. Hit the Continue button.
  5. Share your wallet to verify you live together.
  6. Send your Invite.
  7. Allow the recipient to respond to your request.
  8. Manage your Household benefits.
  9. On your Echo Show, say, Alexa, switch accounts to verify the 2 accounts are connected.

Before you begin, it is essential to remember, Family members must have their own Amazon account.

Can I link two Amazon accounts to Alexa?

Yes, you can link multiple Amazon accounts. To make sure that you and your family member are on the same page — even on a device that doesn’t have a screen, go to the Manage your Household page as Households are not managed within the Alexa App.

Add Adult Button
Add Adult Button

Choose Add Adult button. Remember, you can add up to four kids and teens but only one other adult in your Household.

Add Email Address
Add Email Address

Allow the person to add his name and email address and press Continue.

Next enter the mobile number or email address and enter the password to proceed further.

Agree and Continue
Agree and Continue

When prompted to share wallet to verify the members are living together, agree to share the benefits. This step is necessary to complete if you want to share digital content or Prime membership benefits. As a security measure, Amazon will notify you if the member tries to move the debit card or credit card to his wallet.


Next, choose what you would like to share in Family Library. Disabling payment sharing will disable any content or benefit sharing. Moreover, you will lose access to your Family Library and both adults in the Household will not be able to share any Prime benefits.  Within 24 hours, any digital content that you may have shared will no longer be accessible to the Household.

Send Invite Button
Send Invite Button

Once done, send your invite by hitting the Send Invite button. The recipient will have 14 days to respond to your request. Once approved, Amazon will send you a confirmation message notifying the other person who has joined the Amazon Household.

Now, if you have the Echo Show connected to your Amazon account, simply say – Alexa, switch accounts. You’ll find you can now connect 2 different Amazon accounts to the same Echo Show device.

Amazon Households
Amazon Households

To remove one of the connected accounts, simply go back to the Manage your Household page and remove the account.

Hope that makes sense!


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