Link to Text Fragment extension links to specific text in Chrome

June 20, 2020

Browsers like Google Chrome make the process of creating a link to jump to a specific part of a webpage amazingly simple. A new extension named Link to Text Fragment adds hyperlinks to a specific location within the opened webpage. The extension is open-source and licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.

Use Google Chrome Link to Text Fragment extension

There are plenty of good reasons for adding this extension to your browser and using it. From citing sources to winning an argument with your colleague over contesting claims, as he/she might not be interested in reading an entire article to get to the relevant information. So, rather than linking to an entire article, you can share a link directly to a part on a page you want someone to read. Find how to use the Google Chrome Link to Text Fragment extension.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Add the extension to your browser.
  3. Open the desired webpage and go to a specific location.
  4. Select the text that you want to link to.
  5. Choose Copy Link to Selected Text from the right-click context menu.
  6. Paste your link wherever you want to share it.

The Link to Text Fragment extension relies on a feature that was recently added to Chromium called ‘Text Fragments’. It adds extra information to a URL, following the ‘#’ to jump to a specific part. Google is already using this technology to link to specific parts of web pages from Google Search. Here’s how to add a chrome link to a specific part of the page!


How do I link to a specific text in Chrome?

Launch Google Chrome browser.

Download and install the extension from the link.

Once done, open the desired webpage and navigate to the specific location you want to add a link to.

Copy Link To Selected Text
Copy Link To Selected Text

Now, highlight the specific text, right-click, and then navigate down the menu to ‘Copy Link to Selected Text’.

Copy Link To Selected Text Highlighted
Copy Link To Selected Text Highlighted

The extension will instantly create a link. This can be verified as the selected text will be briefly highlighted in yellow for a moment and then return to its normal appearance.


Message Link
Message Link

Finally, paste your link in a chat window, messaging app or copy it to a clipboard to share it.

Copy Link to Text
Copy Link to Text

Upon receiving the link, if the recipient clicks it, he will be directed to the part of the webpage which you wanted to share with him.

Although Link to Text Fragment does its job quite well, there have been instances where the extension fails to respond appropriately. Also, there’s one caveat - the links are compatible with all Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Edge from version 80 onward. Firefox and Safari do not support this capability, currently!


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