How to play updated Chrome Dinosaur Game on your computer

August 25, 2020

The original and much popular Dinosaur runner game of Google Chrome has undergone a change. The updated Chrome Dinosaur Game now features an assortment of weapons to use. It equips the running dinosaur with 2 swords to chop down the cacti and overcome other hurdles. Here’s how you can play the game when you lose your internet connection.

Chrome Dinosaur Game Offline

What’s the new Chrome Dinosaur Game known as?

The T-Rex Run or Google Chrome Dinosaur Game is now also known as DinoSwords. It’s created by the partnership between Internet collective MSCHF (known worldwide for designing viral products, spread across the internet) and 100 Thieves.


How to play Chrome DinoSwords game offline?

You can play the game offline or online.

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to the link given below in the post.
  3. Click the link to open the gaming screen in a new tab.
  4. Press the Space key to begin the game.
  5. Find and use up to 26 different weapons.
  6. Compete for the high score on the Global Leaderboard.
  7. Win to claim a prize

The assortment of 26 different weapons gives the dinosaur much-needed power to run. So, DinoSwords presents the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game with a new twist.

Launch Google Chrome browser on your PC or Mac.

Enter the following address - in the URL bar and press Enter.

DinoSwords Game
DinoSwords Game

Hit the Space Bar key to start playing the game.

Dino Swords Weapons
Dino Swords Weapons

Start collecting weapons by jumping over them, when visible.

Armory Dino Swords
Armory Dino Swords

You can find and use the weapons by looking at the keys assigned for their use.

DinoSwords Weapon In Use
DinoSwords Weapon In Use

For instance, you can use the swords to chop down the cacti instead of jumping over them or use Holy water to douse the fire. Other weapons include battle-ax, hammer, hand-grenade, etc.

Note - Some weapons can cause self-inflicted damage. Be careful while using them.

DinoSwords Info
DinoSwords Info

Continue running to create your highest score while overcoming obstacles in the path like burns, sandal-toss birds, and cacti that knock you down.

Compete with others on a Global Leaderboard. You need to enter your name and email address to log your score. Also, you can check other information like the top used weapon and its function.

If you win, you get some awesome prizes after a week.

What’s Google Chrome Dinosaur Game?

It is a simple infinite runner game with most basic controls that sees a dinosaur (the central character of the game) dodge underneath obstacles. It pops up in the Chrome browser when you get disconnected from the Internet or go offline.

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