How to change the default web browser for your MacBook Air

January 15, 2022

You know it’s time to change your default web browser when it takes an unusually long time to load a web page. However, if you’re clueless about how to do it, proceeding with the job can be a task of sorts. This problem persists especially with seniors who often struggle to keep up with fast-paced technology. Worry not, this guide covers all the necessary steps to help you change the default browser on your Mac computer, easily!

Chrome from Google

Change the default web browser for your MacBook Air

While it’s relatively easy to change your default web browser to something better, not knowing how to do it can sometimes appear to be a laughably unreal situation. So, make sure you know the trick by following the instructions, listed below!

  1. Click Apple menu.
  2. Choose System preferences.
  3. Select General from the System Preferences pane.
  4. Move to Default Web browser section.
  5. Choose the desired browser from the drop-down menu.
  6. Close the pane and exit.

Every computer and mobile device comes with a default web browser. However, when it’s too slow to make a web page load quickly or run smoothly, there’s no reason to stick with that default.

How do I make Chrome my default browser on Macbook?

MacBook comes with Apple's Safari browser pre-set as the default browser. So, whenever you visit a webpage and click certain links, you’ll find the Safari browser opening automatically. To replace Safari with Google Chrome do the following,

Apple menu Icon
Apple menu Icon

Click the Apple icon on the Menu bar (visible in the upper-left corner of the Desktop screen).

From the list of options displayed, select the System Preferences entry.

When the System Preferences pane opens, click the General icon as shown in the image above.

General System preferences
General System preferences

Next under the General window that opens, scroll down to the Default web browser section.


Hit the drop-down button to display different browser choices. All web browsers downloaded on your MacBook appear under this drop-down list.

Change Default Web Browser
Change Default Web Browser

Select Google Chrome, if visible.

When prompted with a popup message asking you to confirm the change of default browser, hit the Use Chrome button.

Close the System preferences pane and exit.

Hereafter, all your links and pages will open in the Chrome browser.

Hope that makes sense!


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