Use Apple Watch Series 6 Blood Oxygen app for blood oxygen measurements

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While wellness alone does not constitute the complete basis of your health, it is one of the vital elements for making progress towards a healthy & fulfilling life. Smart devices have made it possible to get insights into the overall wellness in an instant. For example, Apple’s latest Watch Series – Apple Watch 6 provides insights into the overall wellness of a person via Blood oxygen measurements. Read further to know how to monitor your blood oxygen measurement. ...  Continue Reading

How to mark an email as Read on Apple Watch

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Once you’ve taken the plunge and purchased your first Apple Watch, it’s time to pair it with your iPhone. After pairing, you can easily use the watch to access your phone calls and texts. Similarly, you can also configure it to keep track of email messages by marking them as read or unread. If you are interested in knowing the method to mark email as Read on Apple Watch, go through this post thoroughly. ...  Continue Reading

Amazon Halo Fitness Band helps you build healthier habits for life

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Wristwear devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit already offer valuable insights about your health metrics. A new entrant from Amazon claims to enhance this ability even furthermore. Amazon Halo fitness band, in addition to monitoring your activity levels and sleep patterns, will track your emotions and sense moods. We’ll learn more about the health and wellness tracker in the next few minutes. ...  Continue Reading

How to fix AirPods Pro Static Noise problem permanently

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Generally, Apple’s AirPods Pro pair swiftly with any iPhone, Mac, or other compatible devices. However, like others, they aren’t without their fair share of faults. The wearable device can experience issues. For example, the audio can become unreliable or choppy. Here’s a troubleshooting guide you can refer to fix AirPods Pro static noise problem quickly. ...  Continue Reading