How to delete Instagram account permanently

Instagram Account Deletion

Many social networking addicts, during their leisure time, keep checking their Instagram account, inadvertently. Although it’s not a crime, scrolling pictures on the photo-based platform aimlessly for hours can have a direct bearing on your mental health. One must take steps instantly to limit his/her engagement on the site or even delete the account, if necessary. So, if you want to know how to delete Instagram account, follow the instructions given in the post! ...  Continue Reading

How to find if someone has checked your Instagram Highlights Cover

Instagram Business

For Instagram addicts, it can be difficult to figure out who viewed their regular photo or video posts, but, when it comes to highlights, they can easily check if someone has viewed their Instagram Highlights Cover by following a simple procedure, manually. See the instructions given in the post to know how many Instagram highlights Views your profile generates. ...  Continue Reading

How to manage your Twitter contacts on iOS devices

Twitter Contacts

Twitter describes the people you already know but aren’t following the like your best connections. So, when you sign up for the service using an email or phone number and choose to sync the contacts, the app automatically finds your friends’ accounts and encourages you to follow them. This way, Twitter makes your profile more discoverable to others. If you any apprehensions regarding this behavior, you can control it. Here’s how to manage your Twitter contacts on iOS devices. ...  Continue Reading

How to turn off WhatsApp Read Receipts on iPhone

WhatsApp Interface

Whenever a text is sent using WhatsApp, a single tick mark appears by it, confirming the message was sent to the desired recipient. Two ticks indicate your message was delivered, and when the same is marked in blue, it means your message was read by the recipient. Although good, some users find this feature irksome. Fortunately, WhatsApp offers an option to turn off WhatsApp Read Receipts on iPhone. ...  Continue Reading