How to use Signal QR code iPhone to backup your data on another iOS device

Signal Backup Data

The reduction of friction in using apps is something that makes certain apps more popular than others. The Signal app with its user-centric policies and hassle-free way to backup and transport data seeks to strike a balance between convenience and security. It lets you transfer your account data, including your conversation history, to a new iOS device from an existing one via a simple QR code. See how to use the Signal QR code iPhone to backup or transport your data. ...  Continue Reading

How to make Amazon Alexa Live Translation work on Echo devices

Amazon Alexa Active

Language is needed for any kind of communication, but the same facilitator of learning becomes a barrier when there are 2 people from different backgrounds and speaking in different languages. To fix this, Amazon has added a capability that offers real-time translations in multiple languages. Let’s find what this new Amazon Alexa Live Translation feature is and how does it work! ...  Continue Reading

How to enable Alexa Voice Purchasing

Alexa Voice Purchasing enabled

As commercial capabilities of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa continue to expand, it’s making the shopping experience a lot easier and fun-filled. If you have your payment details set up, simply use your voice to search for things and confirm to buy it. The products are then automatically charged to your account and delivered to your default address. Let’s walk you through the process to enable Alexa voice purchasing...  Continue Reading