Simple sleeping tips to help you go to sleep earlier at night

Sleeping Hygiene

A lot of people spend nights tossing and turning in bed having trouble falling asleep. This habit can become a real problem if insomnia persists day after day. Your nights become restless and mornings, weary. Tailoring your sleep hygiene practices like going to bed early can make it easier for you to sleep soundly throughout the night and wake up well-rested. Follow these simple sleeping tips to help you go to sleep earlier at night. ...  Continue Reading

Treadmill buying guide for fitness enthusiasts

Treadmill Workout

Running indoors on a treadmill does not offer the same rush you experience outdoor, but it surely helps in avoiding rains, crowded trails, and soiled paths. That said, a branded-quality treadmill with a wide variety of programming and interactive features can set you back a few thousand dollars. Do not worry! This Treadmill buying guide will help you in buying a treadmill that suits your individual workout needs. ...  Continue Reading

Top 5 breathable face masks for gym workouts

Face Masks For Gym Workouts

For fitness enthusiasts, missing even a single session of their gym workout can be irksome. Health experts maintain indoor crowded spaces like Gyms can be high-risk locations for spreading several bacterial and viral infections. Luckily, there are some best face masks for working out, you can use for your treadmill runs and intense workout sessions. Here’s a list of the top 5 breathable face masks for gym workouts that you may find useful. ...  Continue Reading

Best 5 apps to help you fight anxiety and depression in 2020

apps to fight anxiety & depression

Anxiety and depression disorders are the most common mental illness, affecting millions of adults today. The rising health care costs and struggle to pay them, when needed, make the situation more worrisome. Fortunately, there are scores of apps that offer Drug-Free Ways to battle anxiety and depression. We have listed 5 best apps to help you fight anxiety and depression. The best part is, these apps have no interest in judging you but provide all the help needed to improve your mental health—on your terms. ...  Continue Reading