How to identify if your iPhone has a genuine Apple Camera


When you choose spurious or non-genuine components over genuine ones, you compromise your device’s performance and impair its lifespan. Apple’s market position is built on some core disciplines. As such, it rigidly enforces standards that yield a consistent Apple experience. It flags non-genuine parts like batteries and displays. Now, it seems to have kicked off a crackdown on non-genuine iPhone camera parts. Beginning iOS 14.4, your iPhone will alert you if it has a genuine Apple camera or not. ...  Continue Reading

How to manage Signal app Permissions settings on Mac

Signal App on Mac

Configuring any app’s permissions and notification settings are important. This enables it to record voice notes, allow your voice calls to be heard, and video calls to be seen. The Signal app, owing to its user-centric policy has become quite popular. It is witnessing a rapid surge in downloads, more than Facebook-owned WhatsApp. But many users are not aware of how to use the app on Mac or configure its required permissions. Worry not! This short tutorial shows you how to manage Signal app Permissions Settings on Mac. ...  Continue Reading

How to fix Mac keyboard keys not responding problem

Mac Mini

Every Mac keyboard is designed, keeping user experience in mind. As such, many users find them comfortable to use. Some even run a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to a month or more between charges. Unfortunately, problems can occur while trying to register key inputs. So, when you find Mac keyboard keys not responding properly, here are a few things you can try! ...  Continue Reading

How to remove Siri from the Touch Bar on a Mac

Siri on Mac computer

There’s nothing more annoying than accidentally invoking Siri on your Mac computer. The Control Strip you find on the Touch Bar of your Mac includes a Siri control in addition to other buttons. It lies just adjacent to the Delete button. As a result, when reaching out for the Delete button, most users invoke the Siri function by mistake. You can stop this erroneous behavior. See how to remove Siri from the Touch Bar on a Mac computer. ...  Continue Reading