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September 2, 2021

Whether you want to grab the whole screen or just a part of it, taking screenshot on Mac is a basic skill that every Mac user should be aware of. Like Windows, macOS too supports a built-in screenshot utility. You can use it to capture a screenshot of the screen, a window, or a custom section of the screen.

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How to take a screenshot on Mac using keyboard shortcuts?

Capturing a screenshot on Mac is a simple way to share whatever it is you're seeing on the screen. It can be an error you want to record and send it to the tech support or Social Media messages you want to share with your friends and followers. Whatever the case may be, stick around for a few minutes to learn how to take a screenshot on MacBook.

  1. Open your MacBook.
  2. Press Shift-Command-4.
  3. Drag mouse to cover the desired area.
  4. Click the window to expand it.
  5. Crop the selection if required.
  6. Hit Done button to save the image.
  7. Save it to Desktop or Documents.
  8. Right-click the image and choose Share option to share the image via mail, message, etc.

Apple also offers a fair number of other options to easily save, delete and open the screenshot for markup. So, if your daily work  requires capturing screenshot on MacBook Air then you'll surely appreciate and regularly use these handy shortcuts.

How to take a screenshot on MacBook Air?

Open your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and use this keyboard shortcut - Shift-Command-4.

Screenshot  On Mac Area Selection
Screenshot On Mac Area Selection

Instantly, your mouse cursor should change into a target icon you can use to drag your mouse or tracking pad over the area you want to screenshot. See the GIF file above

Click the selection window to edit the image or go to the saved location to open the image file.

By default, the screenshot you capture is saved to the desktop screen. You can access it from there.

Edit Screenshot on Mac
Edit Screenshot on Mac

If you seem to be dissatisfied with the area of your selection, you can crop it further.

Save to Desktop
Save to Desktop

Save the edited file to a suitable location or exit the screenshot by pressing the Escape button (esc) key.

What are the different ways to screenshot?

Screenshot Layout Options
Screenshot Layout Options

Pressing Shift-Command-5 simultaneously will let you select a layout from pre-defined options. These include,

  • Capture selected window.
  • Capture selected portion
  • Capture entire screen.

An alternative way to capture the entire screen is to press Shift-Command-3 together.

How to screenshot on Mac without keyboard?

If you have a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, you can take a screenshot of Touch Bar by pressing Shift + Command + 6. Alternatively, you can create a dedicated button for this task. Here’s how!

Open System Preferences, choose Keyboard  > Customize Control Strip.

Then, select the location of your screenshot button on the Touch Bar, drag and drop it there, and save the changes.  

Hope that makes sense!


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