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June 14, 2020

To cope up with fatigue, people sometimes build different kinds of hobbies like making Dalgona coffee, terrace gardening, etc. Some even read books. The emergence of eReaders has made the reading exercise all more exciting. If you have discovered your preferred genre lately, all you need is the right device to get started. This article will help find the best among different types of Amazon Kindle readers.

Best Kindle to buy

How to choose the best Kindle from different types of Amazon Kindle readers?

There are 4 different types of Amazon Kindle Readers. These include,

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Amazon Kindle PaperWhite
  3. Amazon Kindle Oasis
  4. Amazon Kindle Kids edition
Kindle Unlimited Subscription
Kindle Unlimited Subscription

All the 4 variants mentioned above, offer a comfortable reading experience in any light. Some Kindle models even support Kindle Unlimited subscription and the Audible subscription.

What is the best Kindle to buy?

Depending on the relative affordability of different models, their ease-of-use and support for a wide variety of Kindle books (readable or audible), you can pick up the right device for yourself. All of them are recognized and valued as Amazon Kindle bestsellers.

1] Amazon Kindle

Kindle Reader Amazon
Kindle Reader Amazon

Although Amazon Kindle 2019 looks like a very basic model with no cameras or fancy fingerprint scanners, it's still a good product overall. It is quite light in weight, sturdy to hold and even the continued exposure of eyes to the front light of the device does negligible harm to your eyes.

Specifications show the eReader has a 6-inch LED display but does not support inverted mode for viewing. This is its major drawback. In terms of battery life, it can last approximately a month before you need to charge it. The estimate is based on half an hour of reading a day, with the light setting at 50% and wireless capability turned off.

Also, as you know, the Kindle eBook format is very lightweight. So, even 4GB of storage space in the Amazon Kindle is large enough to accommodate thousands of eBooks. However, this space can quickly fill up when you choose to download audiobooks.


Readers believe Amazon kindle is designed for bookworms. The digital screen device costs you $89 from Amazon.

2] Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Next in line comes the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It is built a notch higher. It boasts a premium design with a few extra features like more storage space, mobile data (8 GB storage). Also, the device supports a new font – Bookerley. Amazon claims it is their best font ever! It makes the reading, a pleasant experience by offering the following.

  • Support for drop caps (A large capital letter that you find at the beginning of a word).
  • Improved kerning (space between adjacent letters)
  • Support for ligature (2 letters merge into a single glyph)

In addition, solid backlighting support for the 300-PPI panel makes the display quite crisp, and dedicated page turn buttons greatly reduce the reliance on the touchscreen. Also, the light distribution is somewhat more with 5 LEDs as against 4 LEDs seen in basic Kindles.

Other plus points - Kindle Paperwhite is IPX8-rated i.e., it offers waterproof protection. Dipping it in a dunk tank for 15-minute should cause no harm to the device. It is also Bluetooth-enabled. So, you can plug in your wireless headphones or speakers and listen to your favorite audiobooks.

Buy the waterproof Kindle Paperwhite with 2x the Storage from at $129..99.

3] Amazon Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis
Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis is a feature-packed and powerful eReader you can purchase for your personal use. 25 strong LEDs illuminate its 7-inches screen compared to just 4, seen in the entry-level Kindle 2019 and five, supported by the Kindle Paperwhite edition.

In comparison to Kindle (basic model) and Kindle Paperwhite, Oasis has a Paperwhite E-ink touchscreen with a 300ppi pixel density, meaning it has 1-inch more space to accommodate additional words. Also, its display adjusts automatically to ambient lighting situations.

The Battery life of Kindle Oasis extends up to 21 hours of continuous reading but if you spread it over 30 minutes of reading per day, the same battery can last for around six weeks with the brightness set at 13.

If you have more cash to burn, go for the Kindle Oasis ($249.99)!

4] Amazon Kindle Kids edition

Kindle Kids Edition
Kindle Kids Edition

The Kindle Kids edition is just for kids. It features a black & white glare-free display that removes the distractions of apps, games, and other stuff. This ensures a complete focus on reading. Also, there’s a nifty feature, called Word Wise. Once enabled, it highlights the words that are difficult for a child to comprehend. Kids can then, simply tap the highlighted words to see their definition. Head to the ‘Reading Options’ menu and enable the feature.

Memory space-wise, Kindle Kids edition offers 8GB of storage which is double the cheapest Kindle and with every purchase of the Kindle Kids edition, you get a 12-month subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited / FreeTime Unlimited. A major shortcoming of the model - It is not equipped with a headphone jack. So, you’ll need to arrange for a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones to listen. Also, in FreeTime kids do not have access to the Internet or social media.

Go for the all-new Kindle Kids edition and save some money if your kid does not insist on using extra features then,. Get it from Amazon at a modest price of $109.99.

Final words – After reviewing Amazon Kindle readers on their display size, battery life, and design, we conclude, there are fewer reasons to spend more on Kindle Oasis than trying other variants – Kindle Paperwhite and entry-level Kindle model.

Please note the experience of reading on these devices may vary.


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