How to identify if your iPhone has a genuine Apple Camera


When you choose spurious or non-genuine components over genuine ones, you compromise your device’s performance and impair its lifespan. Apple’s market position is built on some core disciplines. As such, it rigidly enforces standards that yield a consistent Apple experience. It flags non-genuine parts like batteries and displays. Now, it seems to have kicked off a crackdown on non-genuine iPhone camera parts. Beginning iOS 14.4, your iPhone will alert you if it has a genuine Apple camera or not. ...  Continue Reading

Simple sleeping tips to help you go to sleep earlier at night

Sleeping Hygiene

A lot of people spend nights tossing and turning in bed having trouble falling asleep. This habit can become a real problem if insomnia persists day after day. Your nights become restless and mornings, weary. Tailoring your sleep hygiene practices like going to bed early can make it easier for you to sleep soundly throughout the night and wake up well-rested. Follow these simple sleeping tips to help you go to sleep earlier at night. ...  Continue Reading

How to use Signal QR code iPhone to backup your data on another iOS device

Signal Backup Data

The reduction of friction in using apps is something that makes certain apps more popular than others. The Signal app with its user-centric policies and hassle-free way to backup and transport data seeks to strike a balance between convenience and security. It lets you transfer your account data, including your conversation history, to a new iOS device from an existing one via a simple QR code. See how to use the Signal QR code iPhone to backup or transport your data. ...  Continue Reading