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Amazon Halo Fitness Band helps you build healthier habits for life

Wristwear devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit already offer valuable insights into your health metrics. A new entrant from Amazon claims to enhance this ability even furthermore. Amazon Halo fitness band, in addition to monitoring your activity levels and sleep patterns, will track your emotions and sense moods. We’ll learn more about the health and wellness tracker in the next few minutes. Here’s our Amazon Halo review!

Amazon Halo Fitness Band health and wellness tracker

Amazon Halo Band Optical Sensor
Amazon Halo Band Optical Sensor

The new hardware is the e-commerce giant’s latest foray into wearable products as the company seeks to widen its reach into users’ everyday lives. Amazon Halo fitness band comes equipped with 2 Microphones and an optical sensor that does most of the functions.

How to use Amazon Halo Fitness band to improve your health?

You can improve your health by having a better understanding of it. Halo Band can help you get started with it. It determines the daily choices you make. Then, by connecting them, it gives you a more complete picture of your health. One distinctive feature about this band is that it has no screen so, it doesn’t bother you with unwanted notifications.

Amazon Halo Band Companion App
Amazon Halo Band Companion App

The wristwear also comes with a companion Halo app that can be used to track your Health metrics and progress you make, if any. The app Dashboard mainly displays 4 tiles, including,

  1. Activity
  2. Sleep
  3. Tone
  4. Body

These tiles help you monitor your activity levels, check and improve sleep patterns to inculcate healthy lifestyle habits.

1] Activity

Halo App Activity Measure
Halo App Activity Measure

Informed by the guidelines of the American Heart Association, Halo can measure the intensity and duration of its user’s activity throughout the day. So, whether you are walking, running, or strolling Halo gives you a more accurate picture of movement impacts on your health.

2] Sleep

Good sleep is important for good health and better sleep starts with understanding how you sleep. Halo analyses both the quality and quantity of your sleep. It then provides suggestions from experts to help you sleep better. For example, it might suggest you moderate your liquid intake before going to bed to reduce wake-ups during the night.

3] Tone

Halo App Tone Measure
Halo App Tone Measure

The health and fitness tracker makes sure what people hear with their ears matches with what comes from your heart. It is equipped with Microphones. So, when you enable the Tone feature for your Halo app, it analyses the tone of your voice throughout the day to help you better understand how you may sound to others.

4] Body

Halo App BMI Measure
Halo App BMI Measure

Halo comes with a companion app that scans your body three-dimensionally to determine the body-fat percentage. Because weight isn’t the best measure of physical health. A lot of factors contribute to it. Having said that, the body scan images are automatically deleted from the cloud after processing. Then, a personalized 3-D model helps you track progress every time. Amazon claims Halo is nearly twice as accurate as leading market smart scales.

So, once you understand your habits, you can make more informed choices to improve them. Every new purchase of the Amazon Halo band comes with 6 months of Halo membership. It gives you full access to Halo’s advanced tools and metrics along with guidance to turn the data into results.

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