Adjust your Sensitive content control on Instagram standards

July 29, 2021

A new setting for Sensitive content control on Instagram allows people to set limits around how much potentially sensitive content they would like to explore or share on its platform. It’s true, the content we explore or share on Instagram may not always be appropriate and some of our followers could find them upsetting or downright, offensive.

How to adjust your sensitive content control on Instagram standards?

Instagram already has Recommendation Guidelines in place that spell out various rules and processes to protect users from offensive content. The new filter for sensitive content control on Instagram will, however, give people more choice over what they see.

  1. Login your Instagram account.
  2. Tap your profile icon.
  3. Select Menu.
  4. Choose Settings.
  5. Go to Account.
  6. Scroll down to Limit Sensitive Content entry.
  7. Choose the desired option.

Depending on your settings, you’ll be able to see more or less of certain types of posts.


How to limit Sensitive Content on Instagram?

Login to your Instagram account and go to your profile. For this, tap the Profile icon at the bottom of the app screen.

Instagram Menu Location
Instagram Menu Location

Select the Menu (3 Horizontal bars) option visible under your profile screen.

Instagram Account
Instagram Account

Then, choose Settings to move to Accounts.

Account Settings
Account Settings

Under Accounts section, scroll down to locate the Limit Sensitive Content entry.

Sensitive Content Control on Instagram
Sensitive Content Control on Instagram

When found, tap it to go to the new screen. Select the desired setting. The options available are,

  • Limit – This is the default option that allows you to see only few photos and videos that could be offensive or upsetting.
  • Limit Even More – Displays fewer photos and videos, deemed ‘inappropriate’.

To adjust your standards, choose any one of the above options to find the relative content being filtered out from your Explore page. Bear in mind, the option you choose will have no impact on what you see in your Direct Messages.

How do you turn off sensitive content on Instagram?

Some content on Instagram has sensitive content that people complain about and don’t want to see. For this, they can limit the types of posts they see. However, it has one shortfall – it limits reach of the content that creators want their followers to see. So, if you don’t mind seeing few potentially upsetting public posts, disable the Sensitive content control filter to ensure the posts get through.

Go to Settings > select Account again > scroll down to Sensitive content control section. Here, un-check the Limit Even More option.

What is senstive content in Instagram?

The content that is not eligible for recommendations, fall under sensitive content category on Instagram. So, photos or videos that are sexually suggestive and violent or content that encourages/promotes the use of drugs and firearms can be labelled as potentially sensitive content.

Hope it makes sense!


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