Add Toy Story Apple Watch Face animation on your Home Screen

July 5, 2021

Your Apple Watch performs a multitude of functions when you tap its screen or press and hold it for a longer time. You can use this function to either change the watch face or add an animation to it. The latter option adds moving graphics on your Apple Watch screen making it more visually appealing. So, if you are interested in knowing how to add Toy Story Apple Watch Face animation, refer this guide.

How to add Toy Story Apple Watch Face animation?

We all love creative and beautiful animations and who doesn’t like Toy Story, a truly heart-warming and beautifully animated film. Well, you can bring those characters to life by adding its animated version as a Watch Face. Here’s how to apply Toy Story Apple Watch Face animation.

  1. Tap the Watch App icon on iPhone.
  2. Select Face Gallery.
  3. Scroll down to locate Toy Story Watch Face.
  4. When found tap it to go to a new page.
  5. Hit the Add button.
  6. Make the characters come to life with a raise of the wrist.
  7. Alternatively, press and hold the screen to make the animation active.

The Toy Story face features iconic characters with custom animations, designed especially for your smartwatch. You can choose the Toy Box to see many of your favorites. If you would like to see the same character every time, you can choose from Buzz, Woody or Jessie. Let’s quickly see how to add Apple Watch Toy Story Watch Face.


How to get Toy Story Apple Watch Face?

On your iPhone, go to the Home Screen and select the Watch app.

Face Gallery Icon
Face Gallery Icon

Next, tap the Face Gallery icon, located at the bottom.

Toy Story Face
Toy Story Face

Under the Face Gallery screen, scroll down to locate the Toy Story face.

Toy Story Add Button
Toy Story Add Button

When found, tap it to go to a new screen. Here, hit the Add button to add the Toy Story Face to Apple Watch Home Screen.

Toy Story Apple Watch Face
Toy Story Apple Watch Face

When added, make the characters come to life with a raise of the wrist or simply tap and hold the Watch Screen to see the live animation.


Toy Story face for the Apple Watch series not visible in the Face Gallery?

Please note that the Faces in the Gallery are arranged in an alphabetical order. As such, if you don’t find the Toy Story face instantly visible, go further down to ‘T’ entry. There, you should find the Toy Story just after the Timelapse face. 

Hope it makes sense!

image credit- Disney.


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