Access SharePlay streaming content via Apple TV Control Center

October 31, 2021

Apple SharePlay, released via software update earlier this week marks an important change in the way you sync content across devices and access controls. The feature makes it possible to stream content on a larger screen while staying connected with your contacts on FaceTime app through their iPhone. Let’s see how access SharePlay and use it on Apple TV.

How to access SharePlay streaming content on Apple TV?

You can connect to SharePlay through Apple TV Control Center and share your screen with friends to watch movies, listen to songs, and more all while on your FaceTime call. 

  1. Start a FaceTime call on an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Look for the SharePlay indicator on the Apple TV Home Screen.
  3. Press and hold the TV button on the Siri Remote to open Control Centre.
  4. Hit the SharePlay button .
  5. Select Join, then confirm on your iPhone or iPad.
  6. Start streaming the content on Apple TV.

The Sharing capability in FaceTime is likely to make its debut on Mac also, sometime soon.


How do you use Share play on Apple TV?

You can join SharePlay from Control Centre on Apple TV. Simply follow these instructions list to enjoy media on a bigger screen.

On your iPhone or iPad, make a FaceTime call.

SharePlay Icon
SharePlay Icon

If your Apple TV is switched On, it will automatically detect the FaceTime call and display a SharePlay indicator in the upper-right corner of your TV Home Screen.

Tv Button Siri Remote
Tv Button Siri Remote

Pick up your Siri Remote and press and hold the TV button to open Control Centre.

SharePlay Content Centre
SharePlay Content Centre

When seen, choose the SharePlay button as shown in the image above.

Join SharePlay Prompt
Join SharePlay Prompt

When prompted, select Join, then confirm on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

SharePlay Media
SharePlay Media

Start watching a film or program on Apple TV. The video will play in sync on Apple TV and on all the devices on the FaceTime call. So, apart from you, if there’s anyone you’ve invited to join that person too will have access to the playback controls on his/her device and manage them in real-time.

What is SharePlay iOS?

SharePlay service in iOS can be viewed as an extension of the Facetime feature that allows digital natives to watch movies and TV shows with their friends or contacts on a video chat or share your screen. The best part about it is that you'll still see and hear each other in picture-in-picture as you watch.

SharePlay not working?

SharePlay controls become visible under the Control Centre only when you’re signed in with the same Apple ID on your Apple TV and FaceTime on an iPhone or iPad. So, if a different user is signed in, switch users. For this, press and hold the TV button on the Siri Remote to open Control Centre, then select or add a new user.

Hope that makes sense!


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